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  1. I am interested yes so if you could let me know if you get one started that would be great
  2. Hi if I did a taster session would I end up with something at the end?
  3. I teach maths in secondary school. Times table grids are really good so they have to really think about them not just do the rhyme. You could also create some match up cards with the times table on one side and the answer on the other. Send me a pm with an email address and I'll send you anything I've got that may help
  4. If you have a look on tutor hunt they are often rated on there you could also ask at your child's school if they know anyone they might have contacts with someone local who they know is good
  5. If you ring the bank wouldn't they be able to tell you if the machine took it back?
  6. The reason for that is there's no way of a new rep knowing who had the road before but the turn over of reps shouldn't be that often. I always advise to put a tick box on the book so people can opt out so that should minimise the inconvenience to you. It is a bit of a pain but I think it depends on your area and whether the rep sticks with it
  7. I did couch to 5k and did it on the pavement I found there were too many things to trip over on the park. I think you have to decide what you like best but make sure you have the right shoes as that really helped me
  8. I did it at Sense in Rotherham and everyone on my course passed I think there was only one resit but she got it the second time
  9. Has anyone used this gym? What did you think of it? Thanks
  10. Anyone know of any events where I can have a stall that aren't too expensive? Thanks
  11. Has she considered doing avon. She could do a few roads round yourselves or sell online
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