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  1. Can any one recommend any one who can do me a little turning on a lathe ?
  2. Hi Iam looking for a experienced tig welder who can do me a repair at my home address , i prefer some one who has the experience to carry out a good job and can give good advise . It has to be done with a tig ! Can any one recommend some one please ?
  3. Hello Daven i have tried to private message you with out success
  4. I believe John and Richard ruse were my grand fathers step brothers their mother was n.e Sandercock and probably came from Trewen Cornwall , they may have been down as lodgers for some reason unknown ? They all lived in the same house which still stands at chapeltown on sussex road which at the time may have been called white fields
  5. My great grand father was william fox
  6. Thank you I did not know there was two deaths of children in the family .
  7. Thank you yes i believe this information may be correct , his daughter also died around this time aged 2 years
  8. This is the information i have , must confess iam a little baffled on this one Richard Ruse Great-uncle Birth: 1877 Parents: William Fox, Mary Fox (born Sandercock)
  9. Thank you , i thought he was born in the cornwall area . Quite certain his parents originated from down there and his father died at a early age . His mother remarried , to my great grandfather .
  10. The -Ruse iam seeking was born in 1877 possibly born in the cornwall area whose parents may have worked in the tin mines and moved up to the sheffield area
  11. Long shot Is there any one with the surname " Ruse " whose descendants lived in chapeltown in the late 19 century ?
  12. I do not own a classic car but i do own a classic motorcycle Can any one recommend some one who is top notch to paint the petrol tank and some tin wear , i do want a good pro job doing . Perhaps the classic car guys will know some one ?
  13. Bosnian muslims joined the waffen ss and so did turkish volunteers who also fought with the germans in ww2 and committed atrocities , the grand mufti of palestine wanted to take sides with the germans too . Not exactly a fact that the nazis were anti islam ,anti jew yes , they murdered over 6 million
  14. Can any one recommend some one who can lathe skim a brake drum to remove grooves and pitting ? help appreciated
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