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  1. best school i ever went too closed down the year before my exams had too finish off at Newfield, sound only had a fight off the week before lol
  2. We all love our heritage. Why do we not support our local last standing old school house? Instead i see the landlord and landlady taking insults while trying to keep the most famous public house alive whilst in a ressesion, dont forgett they are tied to a brewery enterprise inns, plese go to enterprise inns. co.uk to find out how harsh their brewery is just as punch taverns and admiral taverns. lets sort these brewers out before they kill our houses
  3. Well said anyone whom is a proper Grimesthorper Knows where hazerdous conversation within their public houses accures, should also know that 9 times out of ten its a load of S...! But I agree Nice for Janie to apologies not alot of people would do. Again I know that alot of small business are struggling but the Arms are fighters and honest people. Sometimes just a shame that people cant see past the hard times especially considering the majority of us are there ourselves.
  4. Thankyou for confirming my thoughts the sheffield arms is a good house. Mybe im just an old school charecter however like i said earlier the ale is spot on. Sure they will pull through the recession and trying times. They make it a good house defeating all odds. and as my friend and londlord says these things are sent too try us!
  5. Cant see Sheffield Arms closing but if it did id be staying at home as it is where i spend the majority of my social time. The beer is spot on never really much to complain about on that front. I know they have had a rough trot over the past few months but what small business hasnt in this climate. cant see them having customer rich enough to lend them money there Enterpise arnt they and there robbing nicks.
  6. I can honestly say ive drunk in the arms for years and years and the ale is still spot on. Must have been a bad day, cant see arms closing and dont think theres anyone rich enough to lend money to pay for their beer ita enterprise and their robing nicks! However we all know how rumors fly around Grimesthorpe.
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