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  1. I wish I had the money to restore it,I'd have a statue of ME put on top (lol) Would love to go up at least once before it falls down, I'll be going to Hoober stand a few times in summer, JJ..
  2. The black car came to rest into the side of my mates van, So we had to wait till the Helecopter left the field at the side of the road, Had to make other arangments to get home as the Police didn't want to move the Crashed car,both driver side doors were removed and it didn't look good at all :-( The Kier van had the front destroyed pretty much, Horrible thing to see and walk past to get home,but at least we wern't in the mates van at the time,as we were just walking back to it,and came across the aftermath of the crash, The Emergancy Services did a great job,as did the Air Ambulance crew, I hope no one died in the accident :-(
  3. We drove past one of the roads just up from the fox and hounds And there was a fire in the middle of the path, It looked like a drain lid was on fire or something ! Loads of big fire and black smoke,rather strange to see and video ;-) JJ..
  4. The majority of people who go to these interviews are declared fit for work, When they are not, so having a man (medicle representative) with less experience of your condition than yourself or your Doctor telling you your fit for work is a little galling, When I went I was only given 15 minutes of questions, and then a cheerful goodbye, And that was that ! My Doctor,psyche,and counciler all say I'm not ready to go back to work just yet, I'm stilll waiting for the atos decision "to be made' after 2 months (as if its not a pre decided decision) I'm BiPolar and none of the questions really concerned that, However the atos building isn't hard to find .... JJ..
  5. I can only see those specialist party things doing anything like that, As the safety aspect concerning shooting isn't worth the insurance for most clubs, I'll ask someone I know about it for you, Good luck who ever is getting married :-) JJ..
  6. I've had shocking coverage today and tonight on 3 with my BB, Ended up on wifi
  7. The shower will radiate as if from the Constelation of Orion, So if you look either side as well as up (lol) you stand a good chance, So look somewhere to the side of "south", Good luck ! JJ..
  8. Even my Blackberry maps says Norton ! Do these fools know about this issue thats been going on for years ? JJ..
  9. I wish people wouldn't say that anyone with a political opinion that differs from their own are "idiots", I don't support the EDL but I agree with a lot of what they say,but I also agree with some stuff the Left say, Any trouble will be caused by the Left wing protesters as usual, Why not just let them march and go on a "protest" another day ? Maybe I'm being naïve .. JJ..
  10. My best mate makes those videos :-) In fact I've been with him for a couple of the "now" pics, JJ..
  11. The place is filling up nicely, Fire Engine and Bouncy Castle here, JJ..
  12. Great pub and really good atmos, If it wasn't I wouldn't go in, (I'm a Sunday nighter) JJ..
  13. They said the factories/units on the other site were to be "sympathetic" to the area and the woodland next to it, All to create the least visual impact to the area .. .. So standard huge white ones then,the place is an eye sore from all over Ecclesfield, I just hope whatever is decided actualy turns out OK for everyone local JJ..
  14. Probably a factory, or as they are building houses at fox hill maybe a generator ? JJ..
  15. Nothing wrong with the pub,its not too long been cleaned up Great atmosphere, but bad area, I hope the driver is going to be OK and the police catch the scum that did this ! JJ..
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