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  1. I would not know what to do with a naked man love or money?
  2. Are you sure its neither Pale and interesting everytime. Self confidence or self worth ?
  3. A naked man self pity or patheticness?
  4. NEITHER What are your thoughts on jealousy?
  5. I totally understand where you are coming from and in my household my children always get the choice to participate in my beliefs. If samhain is approaching then i ask if they want to celebrate in the pagan way or whether they would like to dress up and go trick or treating(well when they were young enough ) I guide them when i think they need guiding but i would never bring my religion into it. I have instilled in them to have faith in themselves first before anything else and have tried to teach them about lots of different religions, i think both of them are pretty level headed when it comes to religion and either of them follow any.
  6. Nope, I am a pagan and i have never forced my child to follow my way of life.... Ever
  7. All religions which involve forcing a child to believe what the parents believe is mind controlling
  8. thieves because liars can be educated. Love or sex?
  9. Both me and John X will be along for a quiet few
  10. neither. Green and blacks 85% dark chocolate
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