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  1. Hi sorry to jump on to this post. Does anyone know what edenthorpe dell is like ?
  2. Does any one have any info on the Salts Drink shop that used to be at the top of Weedon street Attercliffe common ? Any info , photos would be amazing. Many Thanks 🙂
  3. Thank you for sharing Really great advice. Look forward to reading more
  4. What’s the best bit of advice you’ve had from your mum or any strong woman in your life ? :0)
  5. Thank you for that very interesting ?
  6. Thank you that’s really Interestng ?
  7. Thank you everyone My sister asked for me and I now know I was born when my parents lived at 23 Weedon Street ? Thank you once again
  8. I have no idea ? I’m not in contact with my parents so can’t ask them Unfortunately.
  9. Thats where I saw and old photo with that address ?
  10. Thank you drolnhoj that’s very helpful ?
  11. I saw a reference to little Attercliffe on a photo on the Picture Sheffield website Does anyone know where exactly this was? I’ve seen a few references online but doesn’t pinpoint where it was. I wondered if it was the old name for Darnall or Main Road. Any ideas ?
  12. Thank you Hillsbro for checking. Unfortunately I’m not in Sheffield any longer but will put that on my to do list at some point. Many thanks to all that replied :0)
  13. Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I was born when my parents lived on Weedon Steet Attercliffe but I don’t know the full address. Is there anyway of finding out? Family name was Khan and I was born in 1970. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance. Also does anyone know how to get hold of the Whites Directory for Attercliffe/Darnall ?
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