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  1. I was doing a bit of exploring today and found a nice place for sunsets in a surprising place, At the end of highwoods rd (top end of Mexborough) theres a footpath that goes to Adwick village. There is a really nice view and a very picturesque sunset from there tonight, and best of all, its only around the corner from my girlfriends house so she won't suspect a thing till were there!
  2. I had a look today, and there are some nice views but not really facing wnw for a good sunset. Was i looking in wrong place?
  3. I had a look other day actually. The nicest view on white bear area seemed to be from Denman rd, one of the roughest streets in wath. Irony. Dunno if it still is, but it used to be quite infamous.
  4. Thanks, i'll have a look. It would be perfect location if its good as its so close to my house. I don't really want to travel more than a few miles so she doesn't get too suspicious Hoober stand is on the way home from where im going to take her for a meal. Thanks everyone else for the suggestions too, some of them are a bit too far for this, but they'd make a nice place just to walk round anyway. Thanks.
  5. Hi, im wanting to propose to my girlfriend and would like to do find a spot nearby that has potential for a really nice sunset to ask her. I live in Swinton, Rotherham. Does anybody know a likely place that's not too far? Thanks!
  6. I've been down today to try and get one. Looks like they dont make any exceptions, I clean Mr Marrens windows so thought it was worth a try! Oh well.
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