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  1. Hi there, I'm looking for any recommendations for somewhere that offers some holistic therapies such as reflexology or massage, specifically ones that can help with fertility as well as relaxation. Thanks in advance
  2. Saw the earlier - the guy was legend. I've been to a few of his sets over the years in Glasgow at various after parties and he always blew the roof off. I've been listening to a few of his sets on you tube earlier too. RIP Big Fella!
  3. My partner works in a dental lab in Sheffield and has just advised that your grandson needs to follow in your footsteps. He should go to a dentist and get properly fitted for one. Over the counter ones do not offer adequate protection, especially for boxing.
  4. I think its the Ford KA of our time as in I HATED that when it came out but have now got used to it. Maybe the same will happen with the Megane It DOES look very ugly tho
  5. What a fab topic - as you can tell from the username - I'm a Glaswegian currently living in Sheffield. I LOVE the way folk down here call you duck back home its hen. Why the bird link?? There are also some quality insults in Glasgow too so if you are ever called a 'Heavy Dafty' or a 'Slabber Cabbage' DONT take it as a compliment. Also included in this list is ya rocket, ya bunnet, ya nugget, ya trumpet, ya bawbag (which is a term relating to the male scrotum!) These can be used in jest as terms of reference or as a prelude to a 'Glasgow Kiss'. We also tend to mix up our vowels too so 'my arm' would b pronounced 'ma erm' in Glasgow jacket becomes 'jaicket' football becomes fitba pronounced fitbaw etc etc
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