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  1. I am not really a bum man , but isnt it strange that men are attracted to a bum that they really cant see, ie covered by trousers or skirts etc. It all comes down to fantasy and imagination. The bum underneath may not be as you think if you had chance to see it bear,but something inside your mind is saying"corr! thats a nice un!". Maybe the girl has just walked out of a toilet in a curryhouse with no paper left in the lavs.
  2. I went to dinno Junior between 84/87, for this i blame everything. In other schools when i was 9 they were learning things such as times tables and spelling,but we were learning things like how fast can u reload a M60 Machine Gun while under attack from enemy fire.What use is this to a nine year old! Other schools were learning colours and poems but no, we were learning Jungle warfare and how to infiltrate enemy strongholds. Am i right to feel angry at my childhood education!. Am i right to feel disgusted every time i am dropped into a cambodian rain forest to eliminate my enemies. My old head teacher ( Mr Graham) would always insist that no mercy should be given. That man loved panpipes. What are your views.
  3. I hate going out in sheff! Can`t get served! Too expensive! Full of nancy boys! People get killed (often)! Pubs are miles apart! Crap footy teams near by! Depressing! No way of getting home! Makes you want to start taking drugs! The next thing your holding up a shop with a shotgun!
  4. Any road! do any of you remember those early days in the nineties in roth. Deciding wiether to go to Ellies or El Grecos for a pizza after a night in the Revolution. Christ that seem s a long time ago now! Remember that awful phase that some dudes had with wearing iluminous pink or green shirts.
  5. Any good memories of drinking in the pubs of old and new in Dinnington, ie ,stute ,Barleycorn, Squirrel, Lordens.
  6. Dinnington Born and bred!! Dinno Junior from 84-87 and loved it . Lived on the avenues then Throapham. Tried to avoid East Street and Laughton Common as much as possible!!
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