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  1. Hi Stuart, my maiden name was Gregory and I lived at 122 Westbury Street. What is your family name? I am a bit older than you , I was 68 on the 9th December............where do the years go?? x
  2. Nevermind. Thankyou for taking an interest. X
  3. I remember a Stuart who lived at Broad Oaks. I lived on Westbury Street from 46 to 64 and went to Woodbourne Road then Beaver Hill. I remember Sylvia Fletcher, Janet Haskins, Rene Denial (desceased), Robert (Bob) Smith, Jimmy Harley, further down the Cliffe Ann and John Carnelly.
  4. I dont have much more information. Arthur must be about 85 ish if he is still alive. I know he had two girls and I vaguely recall the name Patty so perhaps that was the name of one of them, they would possibly be in their late 50's now. All I can remember is they ran an off licence on Staniforth Road while we lived very near on Westbury Street but I was never allowed to call on them and of course in those days if your Mum said NO then you didn't do it!. I would be interested to know if this was the same person as you have in your family. Arthur ( and my mother's) mother was called Bertha and my Mother's name was Doris Bertha. x
  5. ripon street....................my name then was Karen Gregory........... My Dad was Harry and was a railwayman and mt Mum Doris and she was a GPO telephonist,
  6. Funnily enough I went to a bit of a reunion when I was in the UK at the end of last year. I met up with Bob Smith ( no change!! ) and Graham Symcox and his bright red hair was replaced with grey, but as mine is white what can you say?? Wonderful to see them again, and the others from Sheffield, but not Woodburn Road School.
  7. I think I remember a Christian in school...........could do with a pic!! I lived at 122, just on the corner!
  8. I used to work at Davey's many moons ago. There were several floors with differing service. The top floor was ultra posh the next was silver service and the ground floor was self service and downstairs was a grill. I worked in the self service and we were allowed lunch and that was my 1st ever taste of tomato sausage ( still love it now! ). they used to serve it with a pool of fresh tomato sauce and the pork sausage with apple sauce! classy place.
  9. Stevenson's Rocket outside Midland station...........you could put a coin in and watch it move. The old Royal Hospital. Sweet ( spice ) fish given to you in your hand by the man at the sweet stall in the rag market. Proper fishcakes. The wooden railway bridge at near Westbury Street, standing on it when a steam train went under it. AND the slag heaps over the railway bridge which my Mum had banned me from BUT were too irresistable!
  10. My Mum took me swimming every Saturday at Attercliffe baths. We used to walk down at 6 in the morning so there was hardly anyone in the water so she could swim with her glasses on safely. She was as blind as a bat without them! We had a mug of oxo at the baths afterwards and a packet of potato puffs (can't get them now! ) We used to walk back and buy big flat mushrooms from the barrow outside Banners for a bacon and mushroom breadcake when we got home. LOVELY!
  11. give us a call if you are about anytime............good to meet another Sheffielder!
  12. I went to school and was in the same class as Jimmy Harley.........I used to live at 122 Wesbury Street!
  13. I don't think my first love ever knew that's what he was! A friend arranged a date for us but I too frightened to turn up! I have seen him since at a reunion and was happy to see him and pleased that he has had a happy successful life. I too am happy in my life!
  14. I am wondering if anyone remembers/knows of Arthur Hall or his family ( he had 2 girls but cannot remember the names ). Years ago he ran a wine shop on Stanniforth Road. He was/is my Mother's brother and they had a falling out. I would love to know what happened to the familly.
  15. From Attercliffe, now in Playa Flamenca, Spain AND I have Henderson's Relish in my cupboard, bought locally!
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