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  1. My lovely clio wasn't difficult to nick from the car park outside of my work. The irony being that i work in criminal justice.
  2. Crikey you are all very judgemental aren't you. I can't help but wonder whether your opinions might be slightly different if the story was about a young MAN struggling with his responsibilities however........
  3. mmmmmm that's probably why she had children then eh? The undeniable discomfort of pregnancy, the pain of childbirth, a lifetime of responsibility - in return for a council house, please!
  4. I lived in north London (well Barnet actually) for the 1st 20 years of my life and couldn't wait to leave. since then I have edged further north, settling in Buntingford (London overspill for the pretentious) then Meldreth nr Royston (fake rural living with regular train links to London) then Godmanchester (pretty but chav filled and a £37 taxi ride to Cambridge) and have now settled in Sheffield. People up here are different, they talk to you on public transport. Difficult to get used to when you have a London mentallity I know. Imagine if you will, an old lady chatting to you about her corns on the tube or on a bus in south Cambs- just wouldn't happen, or if it did you would think they needed sectioning or be deeply suspicious of their motives. It is a more friendly and trusting environment. Of course there is crime, Heroin and prostitution, racism and students but all of this is avoidable. There is a burgeoning music scene, easily accesible theatre and art galleries and plenty of choice about the type of hostelries that you frequent. Partaking in any of these activities is certainly less expensive than in the Cams area. Taxis are also relatively inexpensive but the buses-well they cost a fortune comparitively. I've been here for a year now, in that time I have witnessed or been involved in 3 'agressive situations'(drunken people acting stroppy!), this would constitute a night out in Cambridge! Moving here was for me the best move I could have made, I have bought a house, which I couldn't have afforded dahn sarf, I love the city and (most) of its people and the Peak District is on my doorstep- oooooh and only 2 hrs down the A1 if i get the urge to pop back --- Bliss!
  5. discerning young men - oxymoron?! from older 'lady' not known to frequent flares (although I might start now!!)
  6. i'm looking for normal blood pressure - I think you can only get it at Harvey Nicks!!!
  7. good heavens man, you have no sense of adventure!!
  8. Do you think your (just slightly) sexist and shallow attitude may account for your year long drought?!?! And yes you are right I am 1 of those 'mature women'!
  9. don't waste your energy fighting battles, save it for the war!
  10. Women come in all sorts of shapes and sizes just the same as men do - so why get hung up on it. Fat probably isn't the worst insult in the world - honest!!
  11. Dr Love, whilst your reply was very informative i feel you may have missed the point. You frequently refer to WOMEN whilst Mr Notorious appears to be searching for LADIES. Thus I am concerned that your advice does not adequately tap into the lacivious and patronising attitude necessary to be a succesful 'ladies man'!
  12. crikey I so want some Dolphin kissing!!!
  13. Very true, I am quite sure that nobody actually sets out to loose all their dignity.
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