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  1. What is going on here, not opening every day until 9-9.15, but supposed to be 8.30. Closed every afternoon. Several people made appointments for Flu vac injections & then no one to give it , we made appointment 6 weeks ago, then no one available so had to rebook, then surgery closed !! Only one member of staff on premises most of time who dosn,t normally work there !. Fobbing people off by saying all staff being moved around other branches !! My elderly 85 yr old neighbour trailed 3 times now to get medication ordered over a week ago.
  2. A red car obviously been in a bad collision been at bottom of Wadsley lane ( opposite Park pub) for over a week now. anyone know what happened ? Cant believe its not been moved yet .
  3. Wadsley bridge working mens club have theirs on friday 8th I believe, lots of things for kids. Free entry but donations requested for charity.
  4. Apparently it was a private firework display -a smaller one !!, I messaged them as looked as big as last nights to me, our cat petrified. We were prepared for last nights & expecting some in area tomorrow night, but were hoping for a night off tonight. !!
  5. It closed suddenly almost 2 weeks ago, the current owner /landlord has sadly let it decline in past 12mths or so. It is such a shame as a perfect spot for drinks, food etc in what used to be a lovely beer garden. he put a message on facebook that will remain closed until new owners are to be found. Really hope it can be bought by someone who will return the pub & its food to how it should be run, & quickly. His ex partner left him about 18 mths ago (after his affair with one of her friends), & she ran the pub excellently before this. he is a full time builder /joiner & hasnt got the time or knowledge to run a busy gastropub. I mean what landlord goes away for almost 3 weeks over xmas with girlfriend leaving pub in hands of a brand new manager !! We had few issues over this period with poor meals etc , after chef after chef came & failed ? Sincerely hope one day soon someone to get this lovely pub back on its feet.
  6. Found racing pigeon, Wadsley area, been in our neighbours garden for 2-3 days now. Has pink rubber ring on L leg with 3 stars & number 15, metal ring on The leg, no writing or numbers. Under wings,marked with red colouring.
  7. Been running down Vainor for weeks -was reported ages ago -Taken long enough to repair if thats where !!
  8. Anyone know where this has occurred, had automated phone message that water main burst in our area & water may go off or be disrupted. We live Wadsley & now water gone off.
  9. These caravans appeared apparently some time thurs evening 16th June, parked along back of carpark -are they gypsies ??
  10. Swim inn -been taken over by Hawthorne Leisure , they just acquired all 11 wetherspoons pubs that were for sale & last year bought a large number of greene king pubs. Their prices & food menus very similar to Wetherspoons & can see them being a fierce competitor. called at Swim inn last week ( called a My Local Pub now) & some drinks even cheaper than before -food ok for what we paid. As for Wetherspoons at Crystal Peaks -been told its going to be in an old BHF place -not the current shop in the shopping centre.
  11. If anything like Park at Hillsborough / wadsley bridge -terrible food , poor service , dirty tables -Never again!!
  12. Also The Wharncliffe arms -Wharncliffe side , 3 sundays starting 29th Nov 12 pm , get there early as a small pub but gets packed.
  13. Sette colli at Hillsborough do 2 for1 on mon & tues evenings -fabulous Italian restaurant
  14. Allready most of pitch dug up -pictures on facebook-definitely being replaced with new drainage/ heating etc.
  15. Hi --Yes the jean Manterfield I mentioned before is the wife of the late Dennis & her son was Martin. As I said before havnt seen her around for 2-3 months but not heard that anything happened to her. Even tho in her 80's she still likes to get up & dance when singers on in The Park & drinks pints of lager, always looks very smart & glamorous.
  16. I know of an elderly lady called I think Jean Manterfield who may live Shirecliffe or Ecclesfield area. She is in her late 80,s now & her husband died several years ago & she had a son who died before that -(think he was an alcoholic). The lady until recently frequented The Park pub on friday nights & ?The railway at Wadsley bridge , altho I havnt seen her since before xmas. Not sure what her husbands name was -it may have been Bob -trying to find out for you.
  17. Thanks Denlin -will give Ian Kelly a ring to come & look at .
  18. Car wouldnt start again this am -had to start with jump lead from a neighbour's car. This has happened several times past 2 weeks, had a new battery 11mths ago , so taken back & checked & told drained -so replacement new one given 4 days ago -now find drained again !! What could be causing this & is it going to be costly to put right -please anyone. ( helpful replies only please).
  19. Hi -found out that we have had work done by a roofing company , who are using Logo's of company's on their letterheads & website, but are not registered with any of these company's. I presume this is fraud -I intend to check with the said companies, but unfortunately some of them have now broken up for xmas break until 5th jan. I realise I should have checked them out before letting them undertake the work, but they were recommended by a friens, so I trusted them, However unbelievable damage has been caused to the interior decoration in our property & I find out that they have no public liability insurance either.
  20. Mate of ours -Peter Noble who now lives in Devon trying to find anyone who remembers him. He was captain of 2nd team -he thinks it was late 1970,s or could have been 80,s
  21. Adrian Paris on at The railway pub, wadsley bridge Sat pm 7th June.
  22. He sings regularly at The Railway, wadsley bridge -at least once a month. Pub dosnt look much from outside but has a lovely concert room with stage etc. Always a crowd in to see Adrian sing. If you get the free paper Mercury (available at lots of pubs/ clubs/ shopping centres) , lists singers entertainment on at pubs & clubs, he sings other pubs too.
  23. Ha -I been past & havn't noticed -but they they missed a letter out of my road Marlcliffe -last year & i sent an e-mail to council -it was changed a few days later. Think person who makes these must be dyslexic!!
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