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  1. Hi ppl. Last year a fantastic bloke Fitted me a 3 door white/ glass fitted wardrobe In my back bedroom in gleadless. He will Remember we have 2 cats. It was myself That stayed in for him to do the job and he Was fantastic. I'm looking for him again to fo More work but I can't find him or any details!!!! I know he worked for a company but also did his Own fitting too. If your reading this please get in contact. Visually he's 6 foot dark hair, married with kids and knows The boothies In Rotherham. If your reading please call Thanks.
  2. 2 words island escape , look it up. all inclusive for me and my partner £600 each all in , flight accomodation, food drink, it was awesome . med cruise! id go tomorrow
  3. my friend was passing a car boot sale and came across a 42 inch wharfedale lcd tv all neatly packaged for £200 he promptly snapped it up without taking the vendors fone num or car reg or anything,when he got it home it was dead,i opened it up and every cable including the power supply one was cut or disconnected it was a mess. This was a big scam and his wife went berserk as he had only gone to shop for few items. has anyone else had any carboot disasters of this magnitude? __________________ what a <REMOVED> idiot OMGLMAO Why would any1 do that! carboot and electrical bargain are 2 statements that should never be used in the same sentence. i cant actually believe that he didnt check the box before he bought it! im sorry but i have no sympathy because i dont know any1 that stupid or naive. deep down all the forumers wanted to say it although whaen some1 writes " a friend " it always means them
  4. HELLO, my boiler has leaked in the loft and caused my ceiling to sag and now theres a hole in the ceiling and water all over the carpet! can any1 asdvise me on who to contact , insurance have said I have to stump up the funds and when its sorted theyll pay me out? any1 know anybody? please help thank s
  5. im sorry but its a dog eat dog world, id have kept it, you cant expect good will from sum1 when you make a mistake like that, were in a recession. i believe in karma so i cant say been there at the time id do what i said, but from sat here id have kept it and bought our lass something nice. believe in karma
  6. shire green is awesome, manor is not , fact:)
  7. problem? is that your name, it should be <REMOVED> idiot as you couldnt possibly love 4 women, advice for you , if your not happy with your girlfriend, the one you are supposed to love? finish her and stop hurting people or continue playing the field till you get an std. karma catches up with you....
  8. [quote= i hope its not for advance security.any security job the money is beyond ****,its dangerous to.i have a licence nd used once or twice an believe me im never going back to it
  9. anybody here a tree surgeon? and use a greenmech chipper?
  10. Definately closed woodheaad is just passable.wouldnt risk it thou]
  11. wher can i get a free radio code for mi 52 plate corsa? its in safe mode and i dont want to pay £25.any ideas
  12. car wouldnt start had to run,walk and use the tram.bad times:(
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