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  1. Saatchi needs a reality check, What a nasty little man. Domestic abuse is never acceptable. However I am certain he shall get away with assaulting his wife in public after all money is king.
  2. Oh Lord seriously?. Why should any human gay or not be forced to take their own life?. Life is precious for everyone whether gay/ straight/ Bi.
  3. Being gay isn't a disease. Only diseases require a cure. I think you're trying to hide something....
  4. Oh Aj you are droll. Back on topic Tosca is also beautiful.
  5. Opera is for those of us that are cultured & can appreciate it. I think it is perhaps not for you're kind of person.
  6. Wow what a lovely thing to say. Perhaps we should just send over a few Plain clothed CID inspectors.
  7. I Wouldn't know I don't live in SHeffield. EVer heard of online shopping?.
  8. Try the eyelure remover, available from Boots.
  9. LOL good luck finding a cheap lamb perhaps you should try toys r us.
  10. Try Clinique moisture surge it really helped my skin.
  11. An episode of Mike and Molly. Do you like eel pie?
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