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  1. Anywhere that we can take old video and DVD recorders or hifis apart from the tip?
  2. Any suggestions for things to do today to feel Christmassy? Any places I need to take my baby before christmas is over?
  3. Is anyone able to put two photos together to make it look like one? Eg a picture of a person on one and a cake on the other to look like the person is stood next to the cake? Can anyone help?
  4. I'm happy to email them if someone sends me a pm
  5. Oh good. Can anyone help? I have two photos that I would like joining. I'm not very good with technology.
  6. Is it possible to join two separate photos into one for example a picture of a person and a picture of a cake and put them together? Also how can I edit people in the back ground? Can anyone help?
  7. Can anyone recommend a nursery in norton? I don't want a childminder.
  8. Where abouts in meadowhall did you have the pixi foto done? I've looked at their prices and I thought it was going on for £400/500 for the cd. Thanks for your congratulations and replies
  9. I want a photoahoot for my 3 week old. I've enquirer at pixiphoto in Mothercare Rotherham and for 20 photos on a disk it will be over £400. For a couple of the photos on a poster it's going on for £200. I want a photoshoot with the props eg baby with teddy, baby with huge ribbon wrapped around etc. The gallery of photos on the Pixiphoto website are beautiful but does anyone know if there is anywhere cheaper but still get the professional photoshoot shots with props?
  10. Hi I was Smiley5 but can't remember my password so created a new one. I'm so sorry to read about your loss. It DOES get easier. It's hard to say when it will feel easier as I think it depends on each person but I found that when I'd been through all the firsts (first birthday, first Christmas etc) things were easier but it still took a few years for it even then to feel anything but sad. I got married two and a half years after losing my mum and I felt like that was a turning point. We've just had our first child and, although I miss her, I also feel like I'm a different person, better for having her as my mum, but it was a turning point. I try to make her proud everyday. For me, talking about her helped lots. It does get less painful and its hard to focus on good memories especially when you lose someone suddenly and unexpectedly. My dad still relives the day over and over but we talk more about fun happy memories than painful ones. I really hope my answer has offered some comfort. Keep talking about your lost loved one, speak to a favourite photo and trust that you will come through this. It won't be quickly or easily but you will be ok. Life just becomes different somehow. Xxx
  11. Great thanks. We were thinking Italian (or Chinese)
  12. Are there any restaurants in town with a deal on for Saturday lunchtimes? Either 2 for 1 or 2 courses for £10 etc. Willing to pay around £10 per person.
  13. Thanks. I might look into the one at crystal peaks and if not try wonder web.
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