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  1. we now have a 47 in screen and box for 150 channels, back then we had a 47 in box and a 9 in screen to get 2 channels lol
  2. my grandson said "grandad tells us about the bad old days when you were young! you know like when you had to walk all way across the lounge to turn TV channel over !
  3. I rember drinking in the kings arms top of comercial street revolving door snooker table to rear, the first place I had draught double diamond, we come out, round the corner to the bell in the square then across to the elephant
  4. one of my favs was tosspot ( he`s a reight tosspot )
  5. sweatshop boy named a lot of good old pubs , and if you made it as far as the royal lancers you must have done the 2 over the road the owl and the don inn, the owl was john smiths the don was tennants ( whitbread ) my dad was landord of the don in about 1959
  6. I stopped john on monday on city rd to have a chat and bung him a few quid in the collection, he said he has been nominated as a torch bearer but he himself would rather pass the honour to ben parkinson the most injured surviving british soldier, (which shows the man he is) or he would like a compromise with the final four nominees sharing the torch bearing over the last few miles. brilliant
  7. hy all I would like to know where the saying ( he`s got monk on came from ) meaning having face on or upset
  8. its megson ( from a good source ) will be anounced later today
  9. hi the barton brothers have been retired quite some time they were not actually bros barry who played guitar is still around but sadly jim the tall one who did impersonations, died a few years ago his brother does the pub circuit as a singer called steve black
  10. hi everybody, I went to crookesmoor school 56 to 61 lived at the weston park hotel end of summer st then the boomerang fawcett st we used the ponder for football ect I remember when the houses were demolished there was a factory still left for quite a while at the bottom end ( down near the back of the old infirmary )
  11. hi, I used to knock around with malcom billard still see him occasionally, the shop I rember at the top of the canada was collombines I think and joe beers fruit shop at the bottom of mushroom lane
  12. talktime, bottom of barnsley road firvale £5 usually some phones are more difficult and are £10
  13. hi, reading this thread really brings it all back brilliant, made me think of a word my dad used to describe anyone who big headed or fancied themself, larey
  14. hi, I too came from the netherthorpe area and the ponda was our stompin ground and as kids we always assumed it derived its nickname ponderosa from the popular tv series bonanza which was a western set on a ( big spread ) and the ponda was our big spread at the time
  15. hi yamdave , I think the guy you mean was graham , lived on edward st flats if you pm me your name I bet I know you, the other kids I knocked around with were steven thorpe, paul cleaver , george baldwin , the grubbs and the woodwards
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