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  1. Well i ended up in Affinity for the first time on sat nite after ANOTHER STR8 nite out & wot a let down it was, 1245 we arrived & there was only a dozen people in. Downstairs was closed so got in for free ( told & read was £3 entry ) Music was decent tho:D but was shocked so dead It did improve around 2am but even so WHERE YA SUPPOSE 2 GO if want a drink in a gay bar b4 midnight thats has decent music & people in it. Dont like the music in Lair anymore since changed it, past few times it was ****e music ie "whats this ****e on now " we 'd say so not bothering there anymore. Will never go again to DUMPSEYS as name says all, so is that it now doomed??? I loved the old Affinity but that closed & relocated to a smaller venue well esp the bar upstairs. I so remember even in early 2000 the scene was decent we had Poptastic for a few years at NCFPM:love: then Fuel came along for another few years Then it was gone:( the new Sanctuary is NOW closed & going back to be a str8 bar ( so read on here) so ave to stick to str8 bars 4 a nite out ......gr8. Guess just have to wait once a month for Climax nite, rest of month am str8 for nite out. THX U SHEFFIELD.:help:
  2. You are joking rite, if go in at 9pm or any earlier its totally dead, the music all night is garbage & so if gay & want to go out for the night you have to go to STRAIGHT BARS till 12am before theres a decent crowd in any of the gay bars nowadays. Lions Lair used to be good then got all studenty and now a slight makeover & its killed of its client with naff music We/i want chart/pop/dance or even some cheesey music or iam just part of the dying bread who likes a mixture of music. Last time i went in i finished pint & left asa the more or less dead bar for a straight bar. I used to like the Lair but its changed too much loved it in summer in the beer garden in an afternoon or early evening, but now THXS BUT i'll sadly stick to straight bars or manchester
  3. I am going end of Sept as its a friends bday then, so will find out my self b4 confirming booking. Thxs to everyone who took time out to respond to my post. Cheers. Steve
  4. Thxs to everyone whos responded good to get some positive vibes about a place not been to before. Looks like i have got a place sorted now Thxs guys for help, shame Rossis losing out on a booking for 25 people but hey if ya change ya style/quality its goodbye from me & hello ANTIBO.
  5. This is what i am wanting to hear finally, a place i can depend on for quality afterall is suppose to be a special occassion. Great location as well as near West street for the bars afterwards to finish the nite of. EXCELLENT gonna go i think for my friends bday end of Sept for a preview before making the booking. THXS GUYS x
  6. Following on from my post a few days ago about dining at Rossis i have now decided or been recommended Antibo on West One, now seen some picys on there website all looks very nice but is it nice food???? Well thats the big question i am asking for on feedback from other dinners who have been there recently, maybe you had a big party of people attending like i am planning. A friend recommended it and even though we may try a meal there first before booking for 20-25 people in Jan for my 40th just thought i'd ask on the forum before hand. So over to you, were you impressed with the food quality & choice available? Good wine selection and is service good too??? I am not interested in cheapness just pure quality for a good meal out for my BIG 40 celebrations before hitting the bars nearby. sounds a good choice but is it any better than Rossis or same???? Thxs. Steve
  7. Thxs guys for feedback really think i am gonna have to decide on a revist before end of year, as i cant decide now what to do for best. It used to be so nice going to Rossis the food i thought was really nice but things do change and when friends tell ya about this and then others do on a forum its hard to decide what to do. I liked Milanos but its 2 far out for me and others if planning to hit the bars in town afterwards. Guess i will have to book a meal there and decide on the night out if its going to be at Rossis or not then i will consider the alternatives given here or recommended and reserve a table for my big night. Thxs again Steve.
  8. Thxs for the suguestions i will check them out, good locations as well. As long as its a good meal with great choice on menu i will be happy, looks like Rossis is gonna be a no no sadly Unless i do decide to check Rossis out b4making a final choice loads of time yet till January. I think i not been for a while as the last time they insist on getting 2 sittings in an evening. They also wanted us to pre-order from the menu so the chef knows what to prepare when it is a party of 10 or more which can understand but is a pain getting people to decide etc etc in advance. Thxs again for the feedback. Steve.
  9. Thxs Verona ( very Italian username ) i was hoping to be nearer town as plan to then hit the bars after meal maybe i will have to rethink cusine or just take a gamble????? I will see what other replies or reviews i can find on Rossis in meantime or indeed pay a vist to see for my self if has changed. Been to Milanos its nice but a bit far from centre and means more taxi journeys as i did consider that but thought might be too small for 25 people maybe more??? Thxs again for taking time out and responding. Cheers Stevejb4u.
  10. Needing some opions its my 40th b'day next Jan and i fancied going to Rossis on Sharrow Lane again for a big get together with 20-25 people for a nice meal. I used to go to Rossis for special occassions like bdays etc, but i have not been for a few years. Then a few friends said its not as nice anymore or they had a bad meal there its putting me of going for my 40th . It used to be really enjoyable going there and i liked the food as well as the surroundings. So need some feedback from people who have been recently so i can decide what best to do. Any other Italians you can recomend for a special meal would also be a help aswell as an alternative. Thxs for any advice/tips given Stevejb4u.
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