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  1. Has anyone fished Loxley Fisheries recently would like a bit int as to wat bait to use and wat pegs.
  2. Has anyone fished Loxley Fisheries lately I am planning a few visits in the coming weeks and am desperate to hook into a good barbel on pole or rod.
  3. Has anyone fished at Catcliffe for Barbel? I have had fish at Meadowhall which was great.
  4. Does any of you fine people know if Brightside weir is any good for a spot of Barbel fun or the odd chub.
  5. Great hopefully a Barbel will grace my landing net soon.
  6. Where can I catch a Barbel in Sheffield on the River Don? I have also been told there is good fishing in Rivelin for Carp and Golden Carp does anyone know where this?
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