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  1. Okay thanks to everyone who has taken the time to reply I`ll have a good drive round now, complete with estate agent brochures and see what I think of the houses....
  2. I`ve already searched on here and cant really find the answer to this. We`ve been looking around Frechville with a view to buy but because i don`t know the area at all can anyone tell me please what its like. We`ve been looking Hopedale road and Smalldale road area then over Birley Moor road onto Youlgreave Drive and Peakdale area. I`ve been told the Primary School is Birley Spa and the Secondary School is Birley and have been told again these are both okay schools. Any ideas at all from anyone please on these areas... Thanks
  3. I couldn`t put it better myself. :clap: Our local school is meant to have a uniform which is black trousers /skirt, polo shirt with school name on, sweatshirt with school name on and black shoes / trainers. The kids actually appear to wear a uniform consisting of jeans, white trainers, burburry caps and berghaus coats.
  4. I wouldn`t have a clue where John Lewis is anyway. I could direct anyone to Coles though.
  5. Mmm... Emporio Armani Elle is my absolute favourite as well. I also like Miracle by Lancome .
  6. If you have transport. Wakefield mining museum. Junction 38 M1 and follow the signs !! Its fantastic and is completely free to get in. The underground tour takes abour 1hour but we got there mid morning and had to wait a couple of hours for our tour but there is a lot to see including a few pit ponies!! My 7 yr old has been doing about mining at school last term and was well up for another visit.
  7. Mmmm Green & Black`s dark chocolate with caramelised almonds...... Could easily eat half a 150g bar in one sitting with no problems. ;-)
  8. I can access different websites I haven`t visited before, It is just when the page is loading up it is taking ages and ages to load.... There is still something not right with the computer because I keep getting the box come up saying the computer is not responding and do I want to end task, retry or cancel .... I`ve downloaded firefox again and still keep getting error message the connection was refused when attempting to connect. Please check your proxy settings and try again.
  9. Right, I am vaguely sorted. After puzzling about this settings thing and the message I kept getting when trying to download the Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 being unable to use my proxy settings I decided to ring the technical support for my broadband and just act really thick.... (Not that I had much acting to do.) The bloke on the other end just said I will re route you through a proxy server then and gave me some LAN settings, an address and port etc to type in and it works now.... But he says it was nothing to do with my computer in the first place. My computer is still running so slow and is taking ages and ages to load pages up even though I can now view every page, even the ones I previously couldn`t . There must still be something wrong with I.Explorer. I tried to load Mozilla Firefox as an alternative browser but it flashed up refused connection. Shall I still try Winsoc fix even though I can now get on the sites?
  10. Vidster... this is the exact message I`m getting when I try to sign on to some sites. "The page cannot be displayed The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings. ........................ (then right at the very bottom is ) Cannot find server or DNS Error Internet Explorer
  11. [/A] Panda active scan. Then run [Windows security Trojan scan. If that does not help, update Ad-Aware and Spybot search and destroy. Now install CWShredder and update it. Reboot your computer in to safe mode (repeatedly press f8 while starting your computer) and run all the programs above and have them fix anything they find. [/b] Right all the above has been done. Spybot and trojan scan came back completely clear. Ad-Aware had 7x I E Cache Data miner cookie on Panda scan had 3 x adware (funweb, save now, my web search, ) CW Shredder /spy subtract clear. It still won`t let me go on some internet sites but will allow me on others.. I keep getting the page can`t be displayed sign...It must be something to do with the settings but I can`t get on the microsoft site to download internet explorer again. Anyway thank you to those of you who have helped and if I ever meet you I owe you a pint.
  12. Hi Dawny, unfortunately you can`t force your ex to see his kids... I once asked my solicitor something along these lines when my ex had once again let the kids down literally half an hour before they were going away over night and she told me that it was impossible to make anyone to see their kids if they didn`t want to. Very sad but true !!!
  13. Thank you. I am just doing all the scans now.. I have tried to put windows 98 disc on the computer so i could re install internet explorer and it got so far and twice the screen just went black and the other times it came to the end but said it had failed and did I want to retry. I haven`t tried to re-boot the computer with the windows 98 disc though so I will try it.
  14. Well I`ve managed to change sequence at long last. I`ve re booted it twice and it still hasn`t recognised the cd. I`ve been trying to re-install internet explorer and haven`t been able to. Anyway thanks folks for the suggestions, If anyone has a phone number of a computer shop / man who may be able to reboot this stupid computer for me I would be grateful. Well one more try and i`m giving up.
  15. Mine says 1st boot.... floppy 2nd ... 1DE-0 3rd ... CD ROM I haven`t a clue how to change the 2nd one to CD-ROM... There doesn`t seem to be any way of doing it. I think I`m going to have to take it in to a computer shop aren`t I..
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