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  1. Any ideas where I can get my tv repaired? problem with screen, it's still working but has black shadows across screen. Its approx 5 years old, 42 inch Phillips. Thanks.
  2. Hi there, I would need to look at the bathroom in order to see what options there are in terms of where to locate the extractor ie;ceiling or wall (what type of wall ) size of extractor etc.I have done many bathrooms (refer recommended tradesmen on Sheff Forum ) and if you give me a call I could come out and give advice.Feel free to give me a call anytime,cheers Neville
  3. Hi There, I have done many bathroom renovations (please check recommended tradesmen on Sheffield forum ).I would rather visit in person,at least then the quote which I would give would be accurate.The plumbing,tiling,joinery etc would be done by myself(no third parties ).I could come round at a time to please you and supply many references.
  4. Hi Susanna,can you give me a call please.I'm back from holiday and ready to see you.Thanks Neville.
  5. Hi Suzanna If you still need help with the floor,give me a call.I have had a job put on hold(beareavement) and I have many years flooring experience as well as kitchen and bathroom fitting.I also have many references from Sheff Forum and elsewhere for you to contact to confirm my quality of work,price,reliability etc.Good luck.feel free to phone me anytime Thanks Neville
  6. Hi there I would be more than happy to give you a quote.I have many references from Sheff Forum and elsewhere for you to check as well as photos of work,customer testmonials etc.My price is always very competative and quality of work is excellent.Feel free to give me a call anytime and I could come and see you at a time to suit you. Thanks Neville
  7. Hi there I have fitted many kitchens and related products from Howdens (just off Penistone rd ,near Burger King roundabout ).Their range,service and price are top class.Feel free to give me a call anytime and I could have a look and give you a price once you have decided exactly what you would like.I have many recommendations from Sheff forum and elsewhere. Thanks Neville
  8. Thanks WelliesUk Its been a pleasure to work for you. Thanks for the recommendation.Its always good to have feedback and it makes it that much easier when you work for good people who make you feel at home. Hopefully see you again soon Neville
  9. Thanks Dean Hope you are keeping well.I appreciate the recommendation. Likewise, if anyone is looking for well priced , neat work , then look at Dean at DKelectrical.He is good (and I am usually fussy). Cheers Neville
  10. No problem to sort out.If you can give me a call I can come out and give you a no obligation quote, at a time to suit you , I have loads of recommendations for you to check out Thanks Neville
  11. Hello there It would be a pleasure to come and give you a quote. I have loads of contactable references for you to check,both on Sheff Forum and elsewhere,going back many years.I am a qualified joiner with many years experience as well as doing tiling,plumbing and decorating.Give me a call and I will come out and see you at a time to suit you. Thanks Neville Weldon
  12. Hi Marjory I have many Sheffield forum recommendations as well as being on Recommended Tradesmen,you are more than welcome to contact my references to confirm my quality of work,timekeeping,prices etc,whether its a 1 hour job or full refurb.Please feel free to phone me anytime on 07977518622 Thanks Neville
  13. Hi Denise853B, Sorry you got into this fix,its not easy but if he can't do it ,then don't pay.I know its easy to say this but he shouldn't have started if he's no good.I can come and have a look what can be done and give you a quote to sort it.I can advise you even if you choose someone else.I do have loads of recomendations from Sheff Forum as well as elsewhere( a lot of tiling ).I also have recommendations on Sheff Forum Recommended Tradesmen (of which the most recent one was tiling a bathroom).Give me a call and I will come and see you,no obligation.I am available this week. Thanks and good luck Neville
  14. Hi there, i have loads of recommendations from Sheff Forum and elsewhere (contactable) and I have been a joiner for years n years n years ( yea,im getting on ).My prices are good and my work 200 % .Please give me a call and I will sort it for you.Ph me anytime on 07977518622 Cheers Neville Weldon
  15. Hi Fabworld, I can give you loads of references,Sheff Forum and elsewhere.I can obviously show you WeldonWorks portfolio as well as show you works we have done.We would do all the trades with all relevant documentation.I have been recommended a number of times on Sheff Forum Recommended Tradesmen.I would,however like to view the property before quoting as i like to be as accurate as possible with my quotes.Please give me a call anytime on 07977518622 Thanks Neville Weldon
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