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  1. I know what u mean about people not wanting to pay to park outside their house. (Neither do I) buts it's getting really desperate on here now. I want to start a petition and gets people feeling see what majority of them reckon. Do u know how I go about starting this and how much do the permits actually cost?
  2. I actually work so need the use of my car all time. How do know it will never be voted in do u live near the mosque or on this road?
  3. I was wondering if u clever people could advise me how do I go about starting a residents parking scheme on bottom of firth park road. Just at the bottom end and not the whole of firth park road. The problem is there is a mosque few doors away and it is extremely busy all through day and night and shops round corner on pagehall so every Tom dick and Harry ends up parking here. I have 3 small children and this is getting extremely distressing even if I go out for 5 mins I lose my parking spot near my house instantly. So how does one go about getting a residents parking scheme set up?
  4. Can anyone recommend a good female driving instructor. Also has anyone heard of Kate Chapman school of motoring she seems to have fairly good reviews on the net.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a wardrobe assembly person to help me assemble the following wardrobe bought from homebase. http://www.homebase.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=110&storeId=10151&partNumber=990947 Please let me know how much you will roughly charge. Thank You
  6. I'm looking for a painter to paint my hallway/stairs and landing. Could someone please reccomend me someone fairly reasonable price. Also roughly how much is the going rate to have the above work done?
  7. I am a housing officer for sheffield council, The majority of potential tenants we show around council properties are mainly I would 85% single mothers.
  8. Sorry I'm not a single parent. Will scooaid still help also have u got their tel no. Thanks
  9. Also how long do the appointments last to complete it all. Am I best taking the full day off work?
  10. Thanks which CAB do u reccomend in Sheffield best suited to help me with this? I don't mind travelling around town. I actually live in S5 area
  11. Can someone please suggest anyone that can help me fill this extremelly long disability living allowance form for my 4 year old. He had severe speech delay and we have been told by the speech therapist he may be entitled to it. Is there any organisations that can help you with this? Thanks
  12. I dont normally post on here but have been a long time lurker. And before u start NO I dont work for this take away or have any association with it. After a reccomendation from a friend I tried their hunger buster this past friday and have to honestly say it was the best kebeb I've had in a long while. We shared it between 3 adults. and still had some left over for saturday lunch. They also do and excellent deal for pizza's 3 pizza's,colslaw,bottle of coke for £10. Am gonna try this next week. Try it u wont be dissapointed - 2323664
  13. Where can I get a cheap pata enclosure for my hard drive
  14. wanting to take my toddler down to sheff academy anyone know how much they chage?
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