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  1. So every few weeks around 1pm I can hear so many dogs barking and yelping, it's horrible to listen to, sounds like it's on the fields on peristone road near sainsburys. Wondering if anyone has heard it or knows anything? I've started logging dates and times from tonight (it's going on now) rang the police who don't care and would only accept it as a noise complaint which isn't the issue and the rspca who cant do anything either till I see it. So my only option seems to be follow the noise to what I suspect is Nasty group of people.
  2. Hi, if weightlifting is your thing you should check out Iron athlete, it's a powerlifting gym with a really good atmosphere. They hold comps every two months too which the members get involved in. There are a few women who train down there and they're all really friendly too. Basically if you don't have anyone to train with, you'll meet someone in no time. I've trained at a lot of gyms in sheffield and none of them are as good as this. Especially if you're into getting strong rather than spending all your time on a treadmill. Look iron athlete gym up on facebook.
  3. On the wicker there is Musclemadness its about £2.50 a session or £6 for the week. Near bramhall lane there's a gym called iron athlete, they have some stuff you won't find in a lot of gyms, like prowler pushes and olympic rings. I take it you climb down at the climbing works?
  4. The same people that have been keeping the odeon open for the last twenty years. The carpark there is even more expensive. plus its easy to get too and from town from most parts of sheffield via the bus.
  5. I've only just heard about this after reading the odeon thread. Any updated news on if it'll go ahead? http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/business/cinema-plans-for-sheffield-moor-1-5199273
  6. Sounds great! I've been meaning to get in shape for a while now, I'll give you a ring tomorrow to hopefully book on. Hopefully I can persuade a friend to come with me.
  7. common room are showing it for sure, but at the moment its one out one in, i'll ring walk about now.
  8. some trouble in the swim inn with tables and glasses been thrown around and some fighting.
  9. I went in the other day, it's down chapel walk and it's bigger than it was before.
  10. megabus.com they leave from meadowhall and there are plenty of times to choose from. it's always pretty cheap too.
  11. that gym are a joke for getting out of contracts! I know you can transfer them easy but you should be able to cancel. It's a nice gym, good pool etc but it's run by money grabbing c*nts. It's expensive too.
  12. I recently started climbing at the climbing works. Really good fun and everyone is really friendly. Also signed up for that run in the park.
  13. This is my first ever run. I'm only doing the 3k. i was hoping to do it with my friend but i've signed up and it appears from the website that the event is now full. If anyone can't make the event for the 3k could you please let me know so my friend could run it for you. Thanks. craig.
  14. ash, have you personally had any trouble at cookson? I've only been like 2/3 times but i've never had any trouble. When parks first open they attract people who have little interest in the proper use, as a bit of time passes they generally stop going. You should go check it out some more times to get a more informed opinion. Stoked to here you're thinking of opening a shop though. Craig.
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