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  1. I never said that the BNP was not racist and how many white officers are in the black police association and if if some did try to join I do not think that they would get very far and you failed to tell me why a black police association is not racist but a white police officers association would be racist.
  2. No it is not. in my sons school the kids are not allowed to say blackboard I and I worked for the council clearing other peoples drains out for a long time and I was told by the council that we cannot call them manhole covers any more and we have to call them inspection covers now and I see none of you have said anything about freedom of speech.And when was the last time you saw black coffee on the menu in a cafe. See what I mean, the pc Brigade do not agree with what I say so they are crowding around like flies around sh*t. And whether you lot agree with it or not an association that will not admit somebody because of their colour is racist which makes the black police officers association racist and if the black officers are allowed an association of their own then why can their not be a white police officers association.
  3. I am all for political correctness however it has gone way to far because a lot of the pc brigade are sheep that follow the masters instructions without questioning there masters motives. We cannot say chalkboard in case it offends blacks and have to use the word chalkboard we cannot order a black coffee anymore and have it order Americano and a black police officers association is not racist but a white police officers association is racist and manhole covers are now sexist so we have to use inspection covers and the list goes on and if you speak out against things like this the pc brigade are up in arms about it and accusing you of being a far right wing BNP supporter. The nazis during ww2 would not let anybody disagree with there believes and and the pc brigade are trying to do the same because if you do say something that is not pc they are on you like flies around sh*t slagging you down. Now before the pc brigade jump on me I am not and never have been racist and I never supported the BNP and never will however I do believe in a little right that we all have called freedom of speech and that has to apply to everybody and not just to a selected few and the pc brigade would like that right taken away from people like the BNP which is very dangerous indeed because that is what the Nazi's did in the 30s and the pc brigade also hate anybody they think to be far right wing and have different views on race that they have just like the Nazi's in the 30s.So I think that in there own way the pc brigade are as bad as the BNP. There is an extreme left just like there is an extreme right so if the BNP do become powerful then yes I think the lefties may become a danger.
  4. Well that just means he only likes sheep part of the time,he's not a farmer is he.
  5. It is because of people like her that swine flu is spreading like wildfire. My wife and youngest son have it.The Tamiflu has made them feel sick and has given them the runs there are 6 people that I know with it that live on our road and may be some more that I do not know about.
  6. What are you talking about. The US and UK armed forces have never been allowed to enter Pakistan.
  7. What is the problem, most guys tried to get a look at girly pics when they were young me and the mates used to make a game of it. So I don't see why the kids today should be any different to what we all were.
  8. This is very good. And I have to say it she is also hot.
  9. I have severe lung problems and seasonal flu almost killed me and my GP says that if I get swine flu I only have a 50 50 chance of recovering so like the seasonal flu jab I will be having the swine flu jab because I don't think it is worth the risk not to have it.
  10. So you are an ill informed stuck up t*sser.
  11. You stuck up t*sser, Most people on council estates are not like that and are good hard working people and there are a lot of middle class people living in ex council house they have bought on council estates. And the reason people get so worked up about paedophiles on council estates is because when a paedophile gets out of prison they are housed in hostels of which most are on council estates and when they leave the hostels they are put in council properties on roads that have a lot of kids living on them. Tell me Nicesheff how would you feel if you had young children and you found out there was a child molester living on the same road where your kids play. I try to get on with everyone but I find it vary hard to get on with people that make comments like yours.
  12. No child benefit should not be scraped altogether because there are a lot of people who work hard for low pay and child benefit gives them a little bit more money to help bring up their kids which is needed to stop the kids growing up in poverty however their are a lot of people getting it that do not need it so it should be stop for them.
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