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  1. I am thinking of boarding my mum's cat at Myers Grove over Christmas. Unfortunately, the photos on the web site only seem to show the outside pen areas. I want to know if the indoor area, where the cat would sleep, is comfortable and suitable. Also, reviews appear to be old. Has anyone recently used this cattery and, if so, how were the cat quarters? Cheers Mark
  2. I have a couple of quotes for a tree felling job, including one from Paul Day Countryside services. I would be grateful if anyone who has used this company can tell me how things went. I have no reason to believe there are any issues but would like as much background info before I make any decisions. cheers
  3. The fish shop man - I actually know a little more about the removal. A little kid ran out into the road from behind the "fish man" and was almost run over. A chap I know just popped in and told the fishmonger he though it was too close to the road. It then got blown out of all proportion with the fishmonger getting uppity and saying he had been told to shift it. He then got into some local press (may have been one of the political party's press release) and probably made it worse, as I think he may have then officially been told to remove it. Just shifting it to the shop front side of the pavement would have probably solved it. Wonder where he is now though? Do you think he has pride of place in the old fishmongers front room? I hope so
  4. I know that there is a water stopcock in my front garden and am pretty certain it is hiddene somewhere in the soil in a garden bed. But so far, I have been unable to find it. The stopcock is about an arms length down. Would a metal detector help me find it as it does not have a metal cover and the only metal is the pipes and stopcock itself.
  5. I believe it is the most North Easterly key on your keyboard. Give that a go.
  6. I have a (I believe, Alto) saxophone and have never learnt how to play.Any recommendations for lessons in the sheffield area?
  7. I am a middle-aged bloke, totally out of shape, thinking about getting some exercise, possibly at a gym. Is the Crookes Gym a good place for someone at a low fitness level who will need help in deciding the best plan?
  8. Is DownloadThemAll better than Flashget, as I have found flashget is an excellent tool? Mark
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