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  1. Wondering if anyone saw the message, I managed to make out "Hey please leave our ..??.... alone" Witnessed from S5, near meadowhall.
  2. Hi, anyone used a supplier in Sheffield? Struggling to find. Thanks
  3. Hi, I used to play few years ago, would love to again. I should mention that in terms of grading my play, I'd be a 1 out of 10. 10 being awesome! I used to play at Hillsborough. Let me know if you would like to play sometime.
  4. Grimesthorpe motors are good (Richard is the owner) he does not mess you about, tells it like it is. For minor jobs such as clearing codes, he's not charged me. He will advise against unnecessary work.
  5. Hi, I am after a good place for gymnastics which my daughter can attend. If you know of any, please recommend. Ideally close to Meadowhall or city centre. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info, I will contact those mentioned.
  7. I'm looking to replace the garage roof this summer so please advise if you know where to purchase these at a good price. Thanks
  8. It would be worth Googling Lunix IX, Slovakia. It is where most of the Roma community come from. The people are treated as second class citizens, combine that with poverty and no education. These factors must influence their attitudes and feelings. I think it can be very easy to judge people without knowing about them. My mother lives near pagehall and it is bad, I'm optimistic that the newer generation of Roma will begin to value and respect the area, see it as home rather than temporary shelter.
  9. Flash flooding. .. my road outside looks like a fast flowing river.
  10. Hi recently I got a job in Leeds city centre and at the moment I am having to travel on the train. If anyone out there is driving to Leeds in the morning (8am ish) and is looking to car share, please pm me. Of course i would contribute to fuel. Thanks
  11. Im looking to join a 5/6 a side team, plz pm me if you have a team that needs a player.
  12. Hi, im looking for a team to join, i live in Wincobank area so ideally I'd prefer something close. Pm me if you have a position i can play. Thanks
  13. just check the website and you can choose which container you want to use for paper and glass/tin etc.. http://www.veoliaenvironmentalservices.co.uk/Sheffield/Collections/Blue-box-and-blue-bin-recycling-service/Blue-box-and-blue-bin-flexible-service-/
  14. For those that would not eat halal because they believe the slaughter method is inhumane, imagine.... HALAL VEAL.....aaaaahhhh OMG why!!!!!!
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