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  1. I have many mates who tell me many things...be sure of it!
  2. OK.....so the conclusion that we have ALL OBVIOUSLY reached is that Nick Griffin is a lovely man!
  3. It is indeed unfortunate for you that you cannot understand the concepts.:hihi:
  4. It is always good to be happy about something that happens so frequently:hihi::hihi:
  5. ERM.....what you talking about yesterday?:hihi:
  6. You can use my fax machine for free if you like. I am in Orange Free State in South Africa, just pop along but give us a ring 10 mins before you arrive.:hihi:
  7. ERM....the London marathon is an English race?:hihi:
  8. ERM...thank you for that contribution. I like gibberish:hihi::hihi:
  9. ERM OK. Do not worry any longer about it, take your pills and go to bed. You will have forgotten about it tomorrow!
  10. An Englishman born in England is an Englishman. A Pakistani born in England is a Muslim. That is where the problem starts. Traditional English are tied by nation, traditional Pakistanis are tied by religion. Different culture.
  11. I have reached the conclusion that the world is an enigma. A harmless enigma made terrible only by our our own mad attempts to interpret it as though it has some underlying truth. .....such is the nature of religion!
  12. Evidence is what you choose to believe .
  13. It is more biased than that in reality. You are correct!:hihi:
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