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  1. As a developer Gleeson has no obligation to provide a fibre network No doubt they will be installing a system of ducting as the job progresses but its down to the providers to install a fibre network near to your development ,which i doubt they will rush to do if its not cost effective ,ie they have enough prospective customers is this the old Colley School site by any chance ?
  2. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out this refers to the black metal bins on the roads that are for public use and are emptied by Amey and has nothing to do with the household bins that are emptied by Viola and the misleading photograph is just another piece of poor reporting by what pass as news agencies these days
  3. https://www.thepts.net/value-my-stamps.html
  4. Believe there was a fatal car crash there involving a triumph stag that finished up on its roof on the forecourt of the garage
  5. Me and still fish it now when its not too cold .Plenty of fish in it too.
  6. 192 directories is still showing a Kevin ,Wendy and Bradley Meehan as living at S35 but you may need to register to get the full address
  7. Gramma lived on Powell Street ,Saturday morning I`d get the bus from Parson X with my mam .We would get custards and "ham offat booan" sandwiches from Meadow Street bakery , a bag of chips from chippy and feast on them at grams house.Then mam would have her hair done at a hairdressers that was on Leavy Greaver Road then the back loader 95 bus to Commercial Street ,around the rag and tag and castle markets ,where i`d spend my 2/6d spending money on a Matchbox car and comics ,then Bridge Street bus station (via Angel Street to check the man hadn't fallen off the Hornes building lol )for 89 bus home .Happy days
  8. Ive had a few units replaced by Chapletown Glass 01142847351 well priced and efficient
  9. Just phoned it out of interest it was answered within seconds ,Im assuming people are aware its not monitered 24 hrs a day 7 days a week /only office hours. Where abouts on the Parkway are the lights out ? http://democracy.sheffield.gov.uk/mgCommitteeMailingList.aspx?ID=0 if you cant get through then use the councillors .
  10. To be fair to Timpsons I had a battery replaced at meadowhall branch in 2005 ,they charged me a little extra for a lifetime guarantee,Ive subsequently had it changed a few times and on production of the gaurantee card it doesnt cost me a penny . Bargain as far as Im concerned!
  11. Only triggers cheap alarms or badly maintained ones .If a good system has a a decent back up battery loss of supply should not trigger it. the council is obliged to deal with nuisance alarms and has the power to brak into properties to turn them off .
  12. The Thatcher goverment de skilled loads of jobs ,i served a five year apprenticship as an electrician and then found myself working with kids who`d done a six month government training course who were allowed to work unsupervised on sites and called electricians . Same with my bricklayer brother ,he had a kid who was an hod carrier one minute on one site then emerged 6 months later as a bricklayer on another job. There is no replacement for the training and knowledge learnt on a proper 5 year indentured (with deads) apprenticship that we used to go through .
  13. I remember mam pulling me under the kitchen table when the collecter guy called one Saturday morning saying "quick get under here ,I cant be doing with him just now" looking back I realise we probably didnt have the money to pay him that week lol.
  14. This is a bug bear of mine ! The stores will probably have the bigger sizes if you ask ,they just dont put them out .They put out the sizes they sell the majority of as it saves them having to have staff running to the storeroom for stock .I once challenged an assistant in a store at Meadowhall and even emailed their head office and was told that what I suspected ,ie they didnt put the larger sizes out , was practically company policy . I wouldnt just go on whats on display in places like Debenhams etc Id ask an assistant if the in fact do have the biggre sizes . other than that theres an on line shop called the Jean Store that has no issue with bigger sizes
  15. Joe and Edna Williams :The Beagle from the opening day in 58 to the mid to late 70`s
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