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  1. I am due to move into a new flat soon, the thing is i need a few questions answering if possible. At the moment i am living with my partner (well ex partner) in a few weeks time i will be moving into a flat with my child. What i want to know is can i get my deposit or rent in advance paid for me or will i have to fork out for it myself? I will be claiming income support when i move with my child, I know with the deposit and rent in advance it's going to cost me about £850. Help please if you can as i am struggling and not sure if i can afford to pay out that kind of money upfront.
  2. I am moving into a house soon and i am not sure how much housing benefit i am entitled to. I have one child who will be living with me and I will be on income support. I have heard about Local Housing Allowance but i'm not sure how it works. The place i am moving into is £525 per month. If someone can give me some advice that would be great.
  3. Thing is though it was sealed when i bought it and it's been used and messed about with, When you spend a few hundred on a phone you expect it at least to be brand new.
  4. I bought a phone recently from one of the Phones4U stores in Sheffield, It was bought brand new, However today i have discovered some photo's on the memory card of the Phones4U store, Now surely this means that the phone has been used before being sold 'as new', They must have opened the box, used the phone and resealed it or something and i just think that it is totally unacceptable considering it cost a fair amount. What would you do if it was your mobile?
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