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  1. kitty seems to be settling in a bit now, she also sleeps on my head now, gebers still hasnt taken to her that well, kitty wants to play all the time and geebers belts her one which then turns in to pandemonium lol!x
  2. hey all. As some of you will already know mark and i have geebers our 1yr old female tabby, she is placid, loves cuddles off me and playing with mark, sleeps on my head EVERY night without fail, has never so much as scratched me and is one of the best natured cats i have come across. Now today I picked up our new kitten from cats protection. She is 12-15 wk old, tiny weeny and extremely nervous, she has never been away from her brother until today. On the way home she sat in the carrier looking petrified and hardly moved. As soon as I got her home I opened to carrier and she didnt come out, after about 15 mins I took her out and geebers just stared at her and hissed and miaowed at me. By this time kitty has scampered behind Marks playstation and wont come out. She has let me stroke her a few times but the last time i went to stroke her she hissed at me. Geebers keeps wandering in and out of the house, sleeping upstairs and generally not being too much of a pain but hissing very now and again. What do i do? keep them seperate or not worry too much? The kitty wont even let me get near her so she can get comfortable with me never mind with geebers.....help Thankyou Amy xx
  3. hey all. I havent had another fag but i want one, i miss the inhaling more that feel i need one i miss actually doing it, does that make sense?! i dont want to start smoking again still feeling sick with the tablets too every time i take one i feel sick as a parrot its making me wonder whether it would just be easier to smoke.
  4. oh i am so disapointed in myself, i had half a fag earlier. i actually went to the shop and bought 10. was so cross at myself i threw it away after half! i have gone 2 months on champix and not broken down at all until today....why?!
  5. sorry not been posting been on holiday, right i am coming to the end of 5 weeks on champix. My nausea is driving me mad....whilst i was away in spain i went out 2 nights out of 10 cos i felt so sick, one of the nights we had gone to a restaurant and i had to leave halfway through my meal and go and sit outside! I decided to stop taking them for 1 day while i was away as i wanted 1(just 1)day of not feeling sick, i had some quite strong cravings that day but i just kept distracting myself. I dont think it helped the fact that you can still smoke practically EVERYWHERE in spain. Started back on them the next day....oh well the things we do eh. I have not had mood swings/dreams/been irritable/violent or anything. I have no more energy/less energy/feel any different than i didbefore except the sickness. Aims x
  6. my mums parents were killed in a plane crash in france when she was 5. Thats bad. She flies though, I dint know if i would.
  7. still not had a fag, still feeling a bit of nausea if i take my pill and i am not full of food. The only thing i am missing is the feeling of smoking, the smoke in my mouth, the inhaling......
  8. i am still smoke free, since monday tea time, i am only really finding it hard when i am stressed. I havent been any more irritable than normal but i suffered with extreme nausea, was never sick but boy did i feel it! I HAVE to take my tablets on a full stomach.
  9. prices wont line up no matter what i do. Which words need capital letters?
  10. i wont smoke again i have none left thats why i quit at the random time of 5pm....i wont buy anymore and i had a few left so got rid of them....its all habit as i say i feel a bit sick so dont really feel like i need one i just feel like i should be having one. Jabbawocky i dont know if you understand what i mean by that?!
  11. ok, i am day 10....quit tonight, i quite want one but i think thats just cos i am thinking about it you know, i havent smoked since 5pm....been occupied making my website(plug plug, feedback wanted ) now is the time to wind down and have my last evening fag....i need distracting, feel slightly sick at the min, these tablets have not been good for me on the sickness factor
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