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  1. here you go nice list here https://www.yelp.co.uk/search?cflt=fishing&find_loc=Sheffield%2C+South+Yorkshire
  2. looks a bit crap to me chest thumping logo can only spell one thing they bad enough now leeds fans dont like it
  3. on my couch if i can find a good stream:D:D
  4. yes we played in there too we found an old collection thing full off cash only coins we went to chippy best fish and chips we ever had ---------- Post added 22-12-2017 at 19:56 ---------- think is was jimmy childs what demolished it or was it whites cant remember but it did not last long with the big wreaking ball thing
  5. Hi everyone, apologies if this has been asked before, I had a look and couldnt see anything. I had to apply for PIP a couple of months ago (currently on DLA) I've been told to expect a home assessment very soon. I emailed ATOS customer support to ask about recording assessments, their reply has left me terrified, they say they will not record it, but, I can record it myself if I supply duel recording equipment capable of making 2 CD's during the assessment ! I simply cant do this, I cant afford it, the machine their talking about is over £1,000. I've already been through the ESA/WCA nightmare and I know how vital it is to record an assessment. Surely this is discriminatory ? it is denying me the chance to question their comments and decisions due to my poor financial circumstances. When I emailed them about this I told them I was under the impression that I could record anything if it was about myself as long as it was only used for note taking purposes. surely this is what the Law says ? Please someone tell me I'm right ! I'm really scared about this.taken from another site
  6. They used to record on cd you kept one copy and them the other bit you had to request it but don't think they do it no more put it down to cut backs suppose
  7. same here used it for years not 1 pop up
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