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  1. no i dont remember you at all my brother might he is called ronnie or ron .. i remember the woodheads were very good friends when we was kids,loved it up pitsmoor kind off just step mother did not love ,like, look at ,smile at ,talk to, eat with , my face saw her fist a few times best mates they were.. i dont care any more im a big girl now can handle myself.
  2. my sister sarah butterfield[ nee moore] and i worked there,when the strike was on i worked my sister didnt and to this day has caused anamosity between us.We are not has close through the strike at eversure thanks to that were distant..
  3. my husband went to firth park and left around that time... wayne savage
  4. that face seems a friendly one,do i know you... ah ah ah wendy
  5. richard danks lived on the block before the pollitts,the pollitts lived above us on our block... yes remember them well....
  6. hazel[she] was not my mother never was never will be[dont insult me]lol,my mother was my fathers first wife.she never passed away she is alive and kicking in usa.[what go around comes around] ah ah ah ah watch this space.
  7. rons doing ok at the moment,he is a very poorly man,vascular heart disease,kidney failure.doing ok though.i visit him often.he has 5 kids 5 grandchildren 6th one on the way ..big family.i have granchildren too 5 all in all if you count step gran children.2 blood .love them all.
  8. thats how i spelt in my forum question but was ,informed otherwise ... well who cares how we spell from sheffield we all understand each other .. we are unique...lol
  9. thackerys was my relations they are long gone dont know if the name carries on any where but aunty eidith thackery was a wonderful person,had great holidays with them in the camper van and the poodles... shame ....
  10. hiya the oldest grave yard i have heared of was on infirmiry road just by the car showroom octavia one i think,the grave yard is not there now i believe they re-laid the head stones and any person [whatever you wish] to another area dont know where perhaps you can contact the local church archives for more info on that.there used to be a very chapel and round the corner from there was a very small shop who used to take cigarette cards from you in exchange for cash .you may know where i mean the tram lines going towards hillsbrough and coming towards west bar just at the lights where langsett/netherthorpe and shalesmoor meet.good luck
  11. good god i remember her having the brass scales at the old market bottom of dixon lane ... we are all showing our age now guys ....
  12. hey you guys all you 2 are talking about is memories well kept i lived on the maisonettes when the explosion happened.. i lived at 311 pye bank road [nee butterfield] wendy cant say i recognise you lot though only howard gayles name and yep i heared he got killed ..john t you seem to crop up alot where did you live hun if you was a friend of howards where did you live,,,
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