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  1. I've got a private plate. By no means am I rich. My plate is my initials and my late grandfathers initials.Its just a kind of remembrance plaque for a man that loved cars, it means nothing to anyone else.
  2. Is it not the daily standing charge per day?
  3. There has been loads of thefts from vehicles in the Dinnington area over the last few weeks. Sounds like the same people. Have a look on Facebook for a group called Dinnington crime awareness i'm sure there is a video of them on there
  4. I think your theory is probably right but the "extra" mileage will be very small. How else would finance company's measure mileage for restricted millage contracts ?
  5. Thanks I will be visiting these at some point.
  6. Does any one know of any bric-a-brac type auctions local to Sheffield. I'm not wanting antiques or fine art type stuff.
  7. Do you mean Complex? ---------- Post added 25-11-2015 at 13:01 ---------- I use amazon for mine. 20 cartridges £8.20
  8. Would you be using windows 8? Mother in law has the same problem. Would be intrested if you sort this.
  9. Yes could definitely be why stereo isn't working. Also they wouldn't know spedo and stuff weren't working unless they drove the car.
  10. My grandad worked here his name was Norman Carter not sure what he did. Any one remember him?
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