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  1. Hey I would definately be up for that. I am 20 years old used to play a alot and played for my local team. Mainly play for fun recently would be willing to get back properly. my email is sparklylilmonster@hotmail.com
  2. Hey Absynth fairy Im living in sheffield as of august as I go to Uni there. Due to a rather difficult year where I had to come home quite a lot Im well up for making more friends than I have there. You could come out kareoking with me and my friends do you have msn?
  3. We now have 5 people interested but still would be good if a few more wanted to! let me know if your up for it. Should be entering into a league soonish.
  4. donniedarko cant pm you as ive not posted enough but definately still interested as is another person so basically if all above are too then we are sorted!
  5. Hiya everyone sorry not posted for a while Im still interested in the 5 a side thing if you all are. If youd like to email me then we can try and arrange maybe to meet up and discuss entering a league?? My email is sparklylilmonster@hotmail.com To enter the league you just have to fill in a form detailing your team colours etc so that shouldnt take too long.
  6. Hiya Im 19 and at sheffield uni. Im interested in joing a five aside football team or alternatively making one to enter into one of the leagues featured here http://www.gamesonsl.com Ive played abit before so would be interested in being competeitve but mainly just want to have a laugh. If anyones interested it would be great to hear from you
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