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  1. it's a good place for dobber spotting! Lol!
  2. So does anybody know what was said on the closed thread about Graves Park Cafe... really want to know??
  3. SheffieldDrivingSchool.com (07769684927) Based around S8 area. Well worth a try.
  4. I've got a problem with a combi boiler constantly losing pressure and leaking from the prv. Could anyone recommend a reliable corgi registered engineer/plumber to have a look at it?
  5. Anyone know of anywhere that does dance/drama (ballet etc.) classes around the S8 area for children? We want to take our slightly shy but very bright 4 year old girl and our extrovert, excitable 3 year old boy.
  6. Myself and family went for lunch today. It's a good menu and a great selection of bottled beers and lagers. Food was good and the manager and staff were really friendly and efficient. Even though we had four children (eldest four) we were made to feel really welcome. looks like brewkitchen have nailed another good venue. Highly recommended.
  7. Lets just say it doesn't stand for Gordan the Gopher Fanclub
  8. Hmmm... and still the staff of Ruskins are waiting for there redundancy pay etc. G.G.F. Mr Scott!
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