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  1. Yep, he was useless - and the kitchen ran so much better when he wasn't there! I thought Ramsay got his revenge nicely, by 'pinching' the two talented cooks to go and work for him!
  2. ...or the St Lukes shops will send a van to pick it up.
  3. We're charged £13 per treatment, but we're lucky that our lawn joins onto the next door neighbours, so we get two lawns for the price of one! £6.50 each, well worth it.
  4. Yes, we've used them for a while now. The service 'does exactly what it says on the tin' - the grass is healthy and the lawn is free from weeds, moss, dandelions etc. Despite being only about 6 feet from a grass verge which is absolutely covered in dandelions, they have not managed to seed themselves onto our lawn since we started having the Greenthumb treatments. They call 4 times a year (spring, 2x summer, autumn). They don't mow the grass or do any other gardening work, just spread their pellets on the lawn - the pellets soon dissolve themselves to leave no visible trace. Overall, I'm pleased and will continue using them.
  5. I agree! I'm already a member of "Friends of Graves Park", and this situation has been rumbling on for ages now. There's been some controversy recently about the council's actions (or rather lack of them) re the matched funding. It seems such a shame that charities (such as FOGP) have to get involved at all, surely the council should be looking after this sort of facility....?
  6. No, but I used to sell Packard Bell computers about 10 years ago, and they were total pants - there was a website at the time called Packard Hell, all about people's nightmares with their Packard Bell kit. My advice is, scrap it and buy something else!
  7. There's a fantastic piece of freeware called AUDACITY, I downloaded it recently and it works a treat. Can't remember the url, but a Google search should find it. Highly recommended and quite a small download.
  8. "Mr Roberts" has retired now and the old MD's gone to Welwyn.
  9. Strix is quite correct - the assistant should have matched the price on the spot. In this case, they wouldn't reduce the price on the shelf-edge price ticket (because the competitors are outside the city centre), but they should match the price to any customers who ask. John - did you get the assistant's name? (They all wear name badges now.) Some staff training required here I think!
  10. John, Try http://www.sypte.co.uk , it has a link to all the bus timetables. Depending what time of day, you could catch the TM Travel no 89, or Stagecoach 747.
  11. I think it's only polite to thank the driver, and find that most people do in most of the cities I've visited - generally in Sheffield my thanks are acknowledged in some way ("thanks mate", "cheers", etc.) by Yorkshire Terrier drivers, and generally ignored by First drivers (but there's a separate discussion about which company is the best elsewhere on this forum...) ...although if it's one of those drivers who has spent the whole trip chatting to his mate who's been standing by him all the way, it's pretty justified to leave in silence I think.
  12. I agree, the trees should have been left (unless they were diseased or something) I bet they end up planting little saplings to replace them.
  13. What do people think would be the best swimming pool for occasional, weekend swims? I used to go to Graves when I was a kid (when it was Rowlinson) - anyone been recently? Have the facilities improved at all? The changing rooms were never particularly nice as I remember. I don't really want to travel too far. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
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