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  1. The reasoning from Historic England can be downloaded from here https://services.historicengland.org.uk/webfiles/GetFiles.aspx?av=423EDE77-068B-4962-B66D-AD0FDC88D5BB&cn=0F318425-421A-4030-8D72-A7794617D1CF
  2. Apparently, the building has now been given Grade 2 listed status... https://twitter.com/BBCSheffield/status/1557607405936152576?s=20&t=NDLcSMkoy-OwpP9fJ8KGfg
  3. Catherine McDougall, the Sheffield City Council Parks and Countryside Manager for our area
  4. Last time I was in the animal farm they had stopped selling bags of animal feed to the public to try and help control the rats. I saw a couple of rats by the ponds too. The traps obviously didn't work when they were put down (or got filled with expanding foam). Is that true about the cats or just a rumour?
  5. "The council said it was now working quickly with Yorkshire Water to complete the project but it did not yet give a new opening date or provide details on how the plans had changed." https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/politics/sheffields-fargate-shipping-containers-with-huge-screen-get-wurst-and-yoki-goes-ahead-after-sewage-scare-3766252
  6. I can’t image that the independent businesses who had signed up to be part of the development will be very happy! Get Wurst (German street food), Yoki (Korean street food), Re-Owned (pre-owned clothing store) and Urban Pizza Co (pizzas). This will have really messed up their plans for the summer!
  7. The Star have confirmed the reason for the delay, and as previously posted in this thread it's to do with the sewers https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/politics/yorkshire-water-blocks-fargate-development-saying-it-poses-danger-to-one-of-sheffields-biggest-sewers-3753734
  8. It will probably open at the same time as the Christmas “market” and someone will pretend that was always the plan…
  9. Thank you. The Star suggested it was due to open on 20th June so I thought some of the basic structure might be in place by now.
  10. I haven’t been in town recently, are there any photos of how this looks at the moment? I’ve seen the drawings but just wondered what it looks like in real life.
  11. Where’s the £4 day saver? First Bus only is £4.50, CityBus is £4.90. Stagecoach don’t seem to list one on their website but they say I can buy a Tram Only DayRider as a “paper ticket on the bus” which sounds like nonsense. First Bus offer a single journey for £2 but only via their app if you buy them in batches of ten, or you can buy 2 trips for £4.40, or 3 days of travel for £12, or 5 days for £15, or 7 days for £16, and so on and so on, anything that can be done to simplify this has got to be good!
  12. I wonder if our new Mayor is looking to introduce something like this : https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/local-news/west-yorkshire-bus-fares-capped-23924147?utm_source=yorkshire_live_newsletter&utm_campaign=breaking_daily_newsletter2&utm_medium=email&pure360.trackingid={~TrackingId~} "West Yorkshire bus fares to be capped at £2 as mayor announces plan to combat cost of living crisis" The are also reducing the cost of day tickets and working towards a ‘tap-on, tap-off’ system with a capped daily maximum.
  13. Northern Powergrid have said on Twitter that they expect the work to continue until the 13th
  14. The last customer served in store was on 4th January 2021 before the country went into lockdown. Staff were informed of the proposed permanent closure on 24th March. After consultation the decision was finalised at the end of June.
  15. Just to point out that Richard Shaw is a councillor (and has been since 2014), not a “prospective opposition candidate”.
  16. Richard Shaw, the Lib Dem councillor, has posted the following on Facebook: "TAKING ACTION ON DANGEROUS JUNCTION AT GREENHILL AVENUE AND GREENHILL MAIN ROAD Since 2018 I've got the council to do two safety reviews of the junction of Greenhill Avenue and Greenhill Main Road - the first in 2018 found that the junction hadn't been built to the agreed design and another last year when council officers agreed to install further give way signs. I've made my view clear to them that it needs to be a fully signalled crossing and right-turn. I also raised this issue yesterday in Full Council. The Cabinet member of the Labour/Green administration said there had only been 11 recorded collisions since 2018. I pointed out that a resident living next to the junction had recorded 37 collisions since 2018 and I asked the Cabinet member to join me for site visit to see the problems for themselves and take action sooner rather than later. I will keep residents informed of when that happens." https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=310114734469220&set=a.309944671152893
  17. I’m fairly sure it will end up getting demolished, given the projected cost of refurbishment. https://www.thestar.co.uk/business/john-lewis-sheffield-staggering-ps70m-cost-of-repairing-building-revealed-as-experts-recommend-demolition-3489166 what the space will be used for is only limited by imagination
  18. I also assumed it was a parody account! It is a parody, surely …. isn’t it?
  19. I notice it says on the back that if paying by debit card they accept Visa or Switch. Switch debit cards were discontinued in 2002 🙄
  20. Some news on this from The Star https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/politics/technical-failure-delays-more-than-ps10-million-in-council-tax-payments-3266642 So for those of us who should have paid on the 1st, it might be taken on the 23rd or it might not. It would have been nice of the council to contact us directly to let us know, at least an email to acknowledge that they are working on the problem, but personally I've heard nothing. Edit to add : my online council tax is showing the June payment as "outstanding", they'd better not put this as a black mark against my credit score!
  21. The written words on the road are not exactly helpful. C’fld and H’fld? Huddersfield? If you don’t know the area, by the time you’ve thought about decoding the abbreviations it’s probably too late. The signage could definitely be improved.
  22. Roughly twice a week here too, sometimes late afternoon or early evening. First class taking 3 or 4 days to arrive. Royal Mail are obviously struggling to meet their targets. Understandable, but still a bit frustrating if you’re waiting for something important.
  23. The building immediately next door (Barkers Pool House) is going to be converted into a five star hotel (Raddison Blu), so I don’t think that’s likely.
  24. From BBC News : ”Some restaurant employees at crisis-hit Debenhams say they will be made redundant at the end of the month. Staff say they will not receive redundancy pay from the company and will not have paid notice periods. They heard during a conference call on 28 May that administrators had decided to close a majority of store cafes.” So “some” and “a majority”, don’t know about Sheffield specifically but it doesn’t look great.
  25. Or it could say no spaces but ten people get off. Maybe a traffic light system (quiet to busy) might be better, but at least it's an indication.
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