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  1. im 90% sure it was a stage of cleaning cutlery by little misters???my gf comes from scotland and never heard of it cheers
  2. my grandad is alan damms i know he origanated from parsons cross ends he had several brothers he workted in steel works married to tina damms
  3. Around 2ish I was walking home spotting a plane around s2area doing sudden dive bomb moves luckily I filmed it who was flying the plane the next terrorists?
  4. hi im haveing the same problem could you let me know if you get it workin many thanks
  5. anyone see it it was like a kryptonite colour bubt didnt smallen as it entered the atmosphere or trail it stayed the same size where as it landed
  6. yes it was a comet my son has it all on video what a sight
  7. we used to be good mates 15 year ago but lost contact as you do if anyone knows or knows of matt please get in touch thankyou
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