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  1. Hi im getting married on 27th December 2014? The evening reception is in the rotherham area. We have around 80 to 100 people attending but not all will dance. What price can I expect to pay for a ceilidh/barn dance? Any recommendations?
  2. try PV drums. his facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/PV-Drums/187534961334469 contact number is 07903729772 email is pvdrums@hotmail.com he is in the rotherham area.
  3. yeah, hes called paul vardy. company name PV Drums. he has loads of experience. his number is 07903729772. if you are on facebook, you can reach his business page https://www.facebook.com/pages/PV-Drums/187534961334469?sk=info HTH
  4. hi. i would be very interested in this. i am getting two bunnies next week. can we move to PM?
  5. there is a lot of incorrect advice on the early part of the thread. firstly, there is no quick route into the Police Force. no matter whether you are a special first or a PCSO there is no quick transfer route. the only thing being a special or a PCSO will help with is having some experience of how the police work and some of the jobs you are likely to come into contact with. so as an insight its a good way to go. there is now no discrimination as to age. everything is screened over and over and while its important to get the application form technique, recruiting cannot say 'you need life experience' like they used to do. if you pass all of their tests, ie application, assessment centre, fitness and medical, and manage to get through vetting, you are 'in' no matter what age you are. that being said, it is a long wait from receiving your application form to getting a starting date, approx 18 months in most cases. a lot of it is biding your time until the website is updated to say they are accepting new applicants. if you are 18 then why not do a bit of voluntary work with the specials and have a full time job as well until the time comes that you can apply. but there is no longer a quick and easy route and you are not considered any better for having a police background.
  6. i would struggle to believe that Roy is the only student of GM Quigley, i can think of others. nor am i sure that GM Quigley agrees with the changes made to Taekwondo by the Kukkiwon so i cant see what he would add to UK Sport for the 2012 Olympics. i personally believe that GM Quigley should have his place sat with the judges in the Olympics. its good that you have achieved great things from Taekwondo. thats what it is all about. it is a sport for all. i dont think either ITF or WTF are effective fighting styles for street fighting. i think a mix of both would be better.
  7. sorry to rain on your parade but roy kilner has never been a true black belt. he wore a black belt when he was actually a yellow belt. he certainly is not a true 7th dan. i have every ounce of respect for Tony Quigley. he is a truly brilliant guy and a true master of taekwondo.
  8. hi. does it matter what order you cardio and resistance training in? i tend to do cardio first then resistance as i find that the cardio provides me with a good way to warm and stretch off my muscles. also i find that im unable to complete cardio if i do resistance first. the cardio i do is warm up of 10 mins on treadmill and then 20 - 25 mins on cross trainer. im training to lose weight and tone up.
  9. im mainly talking about taekwondo, but other martial arts could come into play here too. how does one get better at sparring and also jumping kicks? iv seen a lot of footage and seen a lot of players - some are good and some are not so good. if its down to muscle strength what muscles does one need to work to help their technique come on. clearly olympic style sparring has changed a lot over the years and appears to be very much about speed. im not sure its changed for the better at all.
  10. does anyone know of any beginners rugby classes/clubs for women? im an adult, i dont know the rules and iv never played, but id like to. im looking for classes in the rotherham/doncaster area - preferably near swinton, rawmarsh, wath thanks
  11. there is a club at swinton that has a fairly even mix of adults and kids. the training is a broad mix of all the components of taekwondo including self defence and a small amount of weapons training.
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