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  1. Hiya, Our cat went missing on Sunday 27th July from Stradbroke Road near Woodhouse village. He is a fluffy tabby cat who goes by the name of HUMBUG. He is micro chipped. He is quite timid but also very noisy. We have recently moved from Intake so he may end up in that area. If anyone spots him I would be grateful if you could call me on 07970296275. We are missing him like mad. Thank you Lisa
  2. Try the Sheffield shop at the side of the town hall
  3. First full time job Brookfield Travel Agents on West Street . Think the wage was £13 which was a good starting wage
  4. Hi Trying to locate any information about a lady called Kathleen Kennedy who worked and lived in at the Lodge Moor Hospital in 1954 as domestic staff Can anybody help please Her fathers name was Timothy. We also know that she worked at a Doctors surgery in Castleton in 1955.
  5. Hi Been told today Mon 25th that for the past two weeks there has been a card reader on the machines at side of LLoyds Bank at Woodhouse. Anyone who has used these machines need to check statements and cancel cards
  6. Hi Noticed in the Sheffield Telegraph free valuations http://WWW.sheffieldauctiongallery.com are doing free valuations this week look on their website Good Luck
  7. Hi Went to Antibos at West One last night had a really good meal would definately go again The other place been to recently is London Club or Grill on Surrey street excelent for steaks and fish
  8. Just reading threads Moosey i lived next door to craigs (Hazel) Remember Lol Craig once shaking my dads hand on new years eve and busting his thumb . Also remember going to Hatch at Hogs Head for a blackcurrant lolly and 10 NO6. Also Remember Jacqueline Howard And Micheal lived other side of me
  9. Hi I lived there from 1955-75 on Delves Avenue I Remember Watkinsons the Craigs Floods (Me) Howards Kays Cousins Saxtons Across Road was Vaughns. Only Burkes i remember was a policeman. My Brother was Bob Shirt and sisters were Wendy Shirt and Anita Flood she was married to Micheal Bulliment. I remember Susan Shaw she was A friend of my sister. Also remember Gary Fordham i went out with him for awhile he lived opposite a friend called Jane Eyre. It was great how all the kids could just run about all day and just clock in for meals. Had Some great times there now live at Woodhouse not far away with my partner Ken Walton who used to live on Birley Spa Lane
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