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  1. I was one of the first people on the scene; I heard a massive bang so ran down to the junction to help before the emergency services arrived. I spoke to both drivers and to a witness who was driving behind the VW Passat when it was side swiped, she mentioned that the lights were on green for several seconds before they pulled into the junction so it looks like the Porsche driver was at fault. However the accident investigators can review the footage from the Passat’s journey recorder to determine what colour the lights were, the injured Passat driver told me it was fitted only two days previously and it caught everything. The front of the Porsche was almost destroyed, the driver was very lucky to only receive minor injuries and I have no doubt his life was saved by the deployment of the airbag. As usual the emergency services were fantastic when they got there and I hope all the parties involved make a full and speedy recovery.
  2. UPDATE 13-9-2015 9.00pm - Dog has now been reunited with her owner.
  3. The secret service agent George Hickey successfully sued the publishers of ‘Mortal error’ See Source Also, have a look at this WEBSITE that discusses Donahue's theory in detail.
  4. I have just watched Channel 5’s documentary ‘JFK'S Secret Killer: The Evidence’ basically it is a re-hash of the book ‘Mortal error – the shot that killed JFK’ by Bonar Menninger which covers the investigation by ballistics expert Howard Donahue. I was very disappointed, some dodgy reconstructions and a few quotes from the warren Commission wasn’t really a documentary. I’ve read this book and frankly I wasn’t convinced that the secret agent travelling in the car behind Kennedy could accidentally shoot the president a few seconds after Oswald put two deliberately aimed shots into the same area, this “coincidence” is simply too implausible. A couple of points that the programme raised are worth questioning – it was stated that the rifle wasn’t capable of been fired as rapidly as was demonstrated on the Zapruder film, however in the CBS reconstruction many of the 11 volunteer marksmen, who had no prior experience with a properly sighted Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, were able to hit the test target two times in under the time allowed. The only man who scored three hits was Donahue and it took him three attempts to achieve, there was no mention that Oswald was an ex-marine who could have probably hit a man sized target at 200yds and his wife stated that he practised ‘dry-firing’ the rifle so he could fire and operate the bolt very smoothly. Several witnesses state they could smell gunpowder immediately after the shooting and that this is evidence that a shot was fired at ground level, the documentary stated that the gunpowder fumes from Oswald’s gun, six stories high, wouldn’t reach to ground level as “the wind was in Oswald’s face” –when the opposite was true, the wind was from the north which would have blown fumes into Dealey plaza. The crux of the programme is that Oswald only fired two shots and the secret agent, George Hickey, fired the third, albeit accidentally (“and with stunning accuracy”) This ignores the fact that Howard Brennan who was probably one of the best placed witnesses in front of the book depository heard and saw Oswald take three shots. Additionally some of Oswalds co-workers were on the fifth floor of the book depository, right under the sniper’s nest, since the flooring was being replaced on the sixth floor there as only a thin plywood covering, sounds passed easily. The moment John F Kennedy was shot was the inception of the JFK assassination industry where everyone from trusted authors to crackpots can ‘have a go’ at interpreting the vast swathes of information and making it fit their particular agenda, they are keen to feed the public’s apparently insatiable thirst for this subject, because something doesn’t quite add up, does it? On one side of the balance there is an idealistic young President, mowed down in his prime before realising his full potential and on the other side of the balance is the bitter, twisted waif Oswald. You want to add something weightier to Oswald’s side to give meaning to the President’s martyrdom. A conspiracy theory? That’ll do nicely. By all means question the evidence, ALL the evidence, for those seeking the truth many of the facts are incontrovertible and the can be tested against credible testimony and the latest scientific advances and the truth is, when you weigh all the evidence and disregard the smoke and mirrors you’ll come to one conclusion. To quote Gerald Posner: “Lee Harvey Oswald, driven by his own impenetrable furies, was the only assassin in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. To say otherwise, in light of the overwhelming evidence, is to absolve a man with blood on his hands, and to mock the President he killed.”
  5. Yorkshire terrier just spotted on Bedford St / Cross Bedford Street at 19:50 tried to catch it but it was running like the clappers and lost it as it was heading back towards Hillsborough. Update: Just had a drive round the local area but no sightings.
  6. Hi Jon P, This really depends upon the porosity of the surfaces you are painting but as a rough rule of thumb a 5 litre tin of masonry paint will cover approx. 50 square metres, I have recently used the Wilco brick red smooth masonry paint which cost £20.55 per 5 litre tin and the quality of the finish is excellent. You’d probably need 15-20 litres to do three sides of an average semi, it would be a good idea to get 4 x 5 litre tins at the same time to ensure colour match and if you have a spare tin left at the end take it back for a refund – check if this is ok with the retailer first though.
  7. At first glance it looks like Cottam power station due to the 8 stacks but the two taller chimneys don't look right, therefore it could be WEST BURTON power station near Retford which does have the additional taller chimneys - check it out on Google Earth. On reflection, if is approx NE from Wharncliffe crags it could be Ferrybridge power station which has a similar chimney configuration. It may be a good idea to take a compass bearing and see if you can plot it on an OS map.
  8. Very briefly: Do not discharge your weapon if you are within 50 feet of the centre line of a road. When shooting on private land you must have the owner’s permission. No pellets must leave the boundaries of the land you are authorised to shoot on. If your son is under 14 years of age he must be supervised by someone over 21 years of age. More details CLICK HERE
  9. Hi Tomm06, The Vehicle Identity Check fee is £41.00 (£50 if it is checked outside of normal working hours) Your car must have a valid M.O.T certificate before you take it to your local VOSA centre. You may drive the vehicle without a tax certificate directly to the centre for a pre-booked appointment and directly home again; assuming it passes you can then apply for a tax disc. Everything you need to know is on THIS WEBSITE
  10. It is definitely the Ski Village. Photos below. Ski Village fire 1 Ski Village fire 2 Ski Village fire 3 Ski Village fire 4
  11. Just a reminder that there is a programme on Channel 4 tonight called which is about this event. The programme starts tonight at 20:00 (3rd of March, 2013)
  12. Hi sh3rb3t, The procedure is very simple, telephone the pound (Tel 07817497995 – 7 days a week between 8am – 10pm) and tell them that you are interested in the particular dog, quote their name or ID number off the Ineedahome website (if you can) then make an appointment to go and see the dog. If you think you can offer the dog a home you have to pay a £76 adoption fee, bear in mind this fee may include free chipping and a free neutering voucher (if applicable) worth up to £98 so in effect, you’re getting a very good deal. You can’t make additional cash donations directly to the pound but they can accept and welcome bags of dog food. The pound do not do home checks, they simply want to ship the dogs out as quickly as possible before they are obliged to destroy them, sometimes rescue charities will adopt them and attempt to find them a new owner, The rescue charities may charge a larger fee which is only fair to cover their costs and quite a few of the rescues do home visits to ensure the dog is going to a good home. If you have Labrador experience already you know what you are letting yourself in for regarding the amount of exercise, food requirements etc. Bear in mind that Labradors are prone to problems with their hips in later life so it may be worth considering pet insurance. Have a back-up plan if your relationship does fail, but the wise default position should be that you always assume responsibility for the dog. Usually the dog will bond with anyone that gives it lots of attention; they may miss one partner for a few weeks before transferring their full affection to the other partner. Finally, get a collar with a nametag/your phone number immediately in case your new lodger makes an immediate break for freedom before he gets settled. Good luck.
  13. Hi Waldo, It is an excellent to see in 3D, there are several scenes that are enhanced by the 3D effect, noticeably the flying fish coming right at you, there is a sort of dancing amoeba dream sequence which is very good and there is a surprise moment that I’m not going to tell you about but you’ll know all about it when you’ve leapt to the back of the cinema. There is also the scene where Pi holds a piece of fish on a long pole towards the camera which is a variation on the usual trick seen in many 3D films before. The film is a very close approximation to the book, the Japanese loss adjusters do make a brief appearance towards the end of the film but all the humour has been taken out of their meeting which I’m sure was the correct thing to do as it maintains the tone of the film. You are right correct about the sumptuous visual quality of the movie and it is maintained throughout , the pace is a little slow, just like the book, but this isn’t a bad thing as it reflects the castaway’s languid existence. I would rate the film 8.5 out of 10, the only thing that I would have liked to have seen more of was Pi’s adventure on the seaweed island which was far too brief, apart from that it was a brilliant and very moving film. Suraj Sharma - who played young Pi - put in a very creditable performance which was believable throughout and the CGI tiger was almost indistinguishable from the real thing.
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