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  1. Hey, religious player of the PS4 here, seeking new friends to play fifa, gta, Titanfall, Battlefield, etc. My PSN is the same as my name here.
  2. The right advice is to keep bidding, most places have a guide as to how long you must have been on the waiting list to be considered. I got a 2-bed flat in the City centre in June, but it took 6 years of waiting before i finally got a reply. Worst thing you can do is stop trying.
  3. This is good advice in general, not at all specific to JCP.
  4. There is constant training. The number constantly changes, and is dependent on numerous circumstances. We can't give you an accurate number until your circumstances are clear. Eg - there's a premium for disability/caring etc, depending on if either of you work, that affects the rate issued, if you have savings over a certain amount, money coming in from anywhere else, etc. It's not a as simple as saying you'll get the standard couple rate. This.
  5. As someone who works at the Jobcentre, I find most of this thread misguided at best. We are not ALL bad, indeed I am regularly complimented by the people I see day in, and day out. It's also disappointing to see people giving advice on how to lie to us, the policy is that you engage in three jobseeking activities (minimum) per week. You don't have to apply for three jobs. E.g - Read a newspaper, checked online and went window shopping. Obviously though, we'd want to know more, like what happened, if you have anything to follow up/apply for, etc. Saying that "tricking us" by applying for jobs you aren't qualified for is nonsense. We're not idiots, it'll catch up with you. We'd much rather you applied for 0 jobs but did plenty of jobsearching, rather than applying for 15 jobs you have no chance of getting. It will work against you if you do that, we have review appointments every few months, and it would be suggested to you that you broaden your searching activity/kind of work you want, etc. In reality, people do way more than three things a week without thinking about it. Looking in a paper, and flicking through the jobs pages, looking online, checking your emails, seeing a sign in a shop window, sending a speculative cv, going to meadowhall with CV's, speaking to people you know who might know where there's work, the list goes on. If you come in with a list of 5 or 6 things for each week in terms of your jobsearch, you'll never have a problem with us. Also, try to keep a note of what you do, and when you do it, also what happened, because if we ask you a follow up question, and your answer isn't convincing, we may doubt your story. You have to remember that the emphasis is on YOU to PROVE you have been looking for work. JSA is NOT an unemployment benefit, it is an allowance to support your jobsearching. of course, reality dictates that this isn't how it is used. We're not the bad guys if you don't prove you've been looking for work. In terms of your volunteer expenses, if they are remuneration for your own expenses, then no problem. It also depends on the period they cover and how much they are. In all honesty, it shouldn't effect your benefits at all, as you haven't been "paid," and there is no limit to Voluntary hours you can do. I'm not confident there's even a form to declare voluntary earnings. Anyway, that's my two cents, any questions welcome.
  6. They've been happening a couple of hours now.
  7. No, no no no and no. Not everyone unemployed is so through choice, they do not deserve to be treated as lesser citizens. I actually work for the JCP, and what OP states is not the case. The vast vast vast majority of benefit claimants receive no more than the basic rates of benefit. Even when considering Housing Benefit, the claims OP makes are way off the mark.
  8. Freegle is too small, what I'm really looking for is someone with a big van just coming and taking it all away. I've been PM'd something which is of use, I may try that.
  9. (It was a joke) - check the link though, seems legit.
  10. I'll give you a tenner for it http://stamp-valuations.co.uk/ - try this?
  11. So I'm moving in 2 weeks to a flat. I currently live in a 2 Bed house which is too big for me. I have history (lived with an ex etc) and there's a whole house full of things I don't want or need. I've considered hiring a skip, but this seems a bad waste. It's things from pictures, to crockery, to clothing, even a (slightly warped) pool table, cot (in bits) and lots of other stuff I have no reason to keep. Is anyone aware of a way I can give this all to charity? I don't drive, so am not able to transport anything, but I'd really like to avoid hiring a skip and throwing away stuff which might benefit someone else.
  12. Urgh. yes, sack them all, because of the actions of the few. I haven't been on strike today. but understand why the majority of them are. For years, they've been paid less than the equivalent private position, never had company cars, company nights out, company competitions/prizes, or any benefits they may get from a private employer, but they had a decent pension, which people have been payign in for decades. Now facing a "real-terms" pay cut for the 4th year running, they're also told they have to pay MORE towards a pension that will be REDUCED, in some instances, significantly. Would you be happy with this? It's not about being ungrateful, it's about wanting what you are promised.
  13. You can to to the main interchange, they have loads when you walk past WHSmith and past the Coach ticket part, etc. They also have one in the Co-op opposite Argos, they're the two places i get mine from.
  14. Yeah I've been a few times, I get that. I don't want to be another lazy Brit who can't be bothered to learn another language!
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