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  1. You have set me off again...tissues please!! xxx Beautiful xx ---------- Post added 17-04-2013 at 22:34 ---------- Hi there, I have sent you a pm xx mumsy xx
  2. Its a beautiful story hillsbro and am so glad I came across it when I did - it helped me make a decision about my life so thankyou for sharing. It also made me cry (with joy not sadness) we all deserve love and companionship at all ages in our lives and am so glad yours has been enriched once more. I look forward to your posting in 2032-the same year I hit 65. God bless you and Marion and hope you always stay special to each other mumsy xx
  3. Guess I am a nipper here at 45 ha ha!! Just one question Hillsbro, if you could have met up sooner with your partner i.e. less than the 37 years, would you? Is love as good 2nd time round? mumsy
  4. Is the FB page still live? Tried to find it but cannot, can someone please post a link if its still operational Thankyou mumsy
  5. I first went there on my 15th birthday in 82 when it was Romeos and Juliets!! What was the pub called at the side...Silks?? We always had drinks in here before going next door for the night! Loved student night....50p a pint (eee, them were the days, 50p a pint lol!!) Last time I went....prob some xmas eve many moons later in the early 90's Does anyone know when it closed? I was never really fussed about 'Barry Nobles Roxy' and the light show half way through the night. Josephines always seemed full of older people. Isabellas probably came a close second after Romeo's/Cairo's Happy memories-mmm loved the 'snug bit' in Romeo's, had many a snog in there lol! mumsy ---------- Post added 06-04-2013 at 01:01 ---------- Loved what was Max's Downtown Bar too (Carver St)- was the DJ Stevie Splash or something like that? I fell top to bottom down the stairs there many a time after a drink or two! mumsy
  6. Hiya, if you check the local parish church where your uncle lived they often have records and memorials commemorating those who fell in the great wars. We managed to also obtain photo's from them too when researching a great grandparent who was killed in action in the Somme War graves commission also very helpful Hope this helps Good luck with your search/research mumsy
  7. I remember Gary Needham-he was a friend of my brothers, think he lived on Fitzhubert Rd near the junction with Windy House Lane (top of estate) if thats the right one. mumsy
  8. Truly a sad sight, I hope it has now been restored, will continue to read this thread and hope for this conclusion, mumsy
  9. For a while in 85/86 I worked in the residential house, mainly working pm shifts with the kids providing activities after school. We took a group canoeing to Rother Valley one time-they nearly drown me but was such fun, we had fabluous snowball fights in winter and the end of term disco's were fab! It was great being with the kids there, an honour and a priveledge to help them into adult-hood-some really good, happy memories xx mumsy
  10. AngelgirlUK you have forgotten to add me on here..FLUMP but u were too young back then lol xxx SCI-FI was my hero!! mumsy x
  11. I would love to know the dates to research this and may even have a trip up Fir St to look for the house - Fir St is only 2 mins away from me as I still live local. Maybe my Dad knows more-he has lived in Crookes practically all his life! Have never heard this story before though! mumsy
  12. I think you could be right as the name sounds familiar! Did he have a tightly curled gingerish hair? mumsy
  13. I used to work with Russell Thompsons' mum Doreen and his then girlfriend Tina many years ago before Fred (Russells Dad) died and they all moved to Mablethorpe. I think Vicky used to run the sweetshop on South Road with her husband. There was also a much younger daughter too or was that Vicky-sorry getting confused! What was the 'murder house??' am intriged as can only remember the 'Rileys' living opposite on Fir St more or less, please do tell more!! mumsy
  14. Just to advise there are tea rooms at the crematorium-you pass them on your way in should there not be a wake afterwards. Or If you head back to the main A61 down Skew Hill/Salt Box Lane then turn left at the lights and about 400m on your left is the Red Lion-they do fantasic food at good prices, served in a plesant pub with excellant service. keep following this main road out of Sheffield and you hit the M1 less than 5 mins. mumsy
  15. At my childrens primary school they do ask of school productions that photo's are not shared on Facebook etc and I can understand the schools concerns to a degree. I have taken photo's and posted them on FB but have always checked with the parents first most are happy for me to display them, if they say no or don't reply to my messages I dont display photo's that might include there child. mumsy
  16. Sorry - should say that I lived there too for 20years. Yes it is a busy road but has a lot less cars parked when it is not the clearway than other side roads. Just walk down Western Rd/Heavygate in an evening and you will be lucky if you can park outside your own house if at all. To be honest with the traffic you do get used to the noise after a short while and you tend not to notice it-the only thing that makes me look up when I am visiting is the grit wagons in winter as the flashing lights gets your attention. Houses closest to the road only have small back gardens whereas the ones set back with a garden at the front also have a good garden area at the back. But the closeness of the Bolehills is great to take children too and as they get older and able to go unsupervised they will love finding the rocks, BMX track and fantastic sledging in the winter. Sunsets on the Bolehills can be pretty spectacular too. Local primary schools include Westways, Lydgate, Walkley Primary, St Marys or Broomhill (is Morley St still open?) and they feed into King Edwards, Tapton and the new Forge Valley. Also from this location you are 5 mins drive from Rivelin and easy access out to Castleton, Hope, Bamford etc-such lovely countryside is right on your doorstep! I think there are a lot less students around now-a lot of what had become student houses have gone back to family homes so I think its great that families want to live in this road. It is not leafy like some with the trees overhanging the roads such as Western Rd but that makes seeing whats happening in the road much easier especially if there were to be someone suspicious hanging about. I would definately recommend it! mumsy xx
  17. Hi There, The houses on the left going downhill are probably a bit more protected from the road being that little bit futher away from the road but I think it is a lovely road to live on! My parents still live there and I have friends who live there too. The only downside I suppose is the parking (clearway) but the frequency of buses, good local shops with other shops at Walkley, Hillsborough and Broomhill make this a good area to live. I would move back tomorrow if someone would come and pack my boxes! Hope you soon settle in your new home mumsy xx
  18. This is a genuine request. I am wanting to gather any details of charities that support families financially to give kids a treat after suffering hardship etc. Dont want to go into details on here but aware of a family who have lost mum and dad leaving 2 children, would love to put them in touch with a charity who could help them with the cost of a holiday or some treats for the children, or apply on there behalf. Do you know any that I could contact? I have contacted SAAFI to see if they can signpost me but thought maybe some of you SF'ers may have some experience or knowledge-this really would be appreciated and I can let you know how I get on thankyou, mumsy xx
  19. Have found this link on the Library services page, dont know if it helps, mumsy xx http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php
  20. Hiya, Yes spot on Cuttsie, it was the 70's and early 80's. Good times despite the reputation it had I can remember the library and going in 'the welfare' with my mum too! Our doctor was Dr Valerio on Prince of Wales Rd near the Fairleigh with its musty waiting room and assortment of chairs mumsy xx
  21. Hi There, I live on Whitehouse Lane and have always been interested to know the history of it-how it got its name, what the buildings/land was initially used for before it became built on as it is today. Do you have any knowledge or memories of Whitehouse Lane or photographs (current/old) Can anyone recommend any good books about Walkley in general? Thankyou mumsy
  22. I thought they had just closed it as a home till the market picked up-are they planning on building on the site? It was a beautiful building, I worked there in the few years before it closed, lots of character but needed a facelift too! I worked with the owners for a while and at the other care home they still run mumsy
  23. I remember Barhards sweet shop-loved going after easter for all the cheap easter eggs! The shop was split into 2 parts/shops as I remember with the 1st part as a sweet shop and the 2nd part was where you could buy any assortment of biscuits-we used to buy the broken ones as could never afford the fancy ones. I remember the chip shop opposite that opened on a Monday called Kerrys (?) when Becketts were shut-the chips weren't half as nice as Becketts and they didnt give you scraps! I remember the shoe shop at the end of the line of shops where Barhards was. The Fine Fare was the supermarket where we did our weekly shop and at the side of it was Fred Hartleys-(think this was like an early version of Home bargains but had lots of car stuff in it for sale!!) we always went in at christmas and came out with strangely wrapped boxes (our presents!!) I remember the Co-op too-I used to get sent there on a Monday from Prince Edward school to buy the cooking ingredients for the week for home economics and having to hand over the stamps! At Barnhards-you could cash in your cigarette tokens (Embassy I think or was it the Green shied stamps?) and we came home with kitchen stools, towels etc. My mum still has a hinged stool going strong to this day. After the co-op there was Hibberts-another sweet shop which was a childs delight! fashion focus where all my clothes came from for Whitsuntide-always had new clothes at whit! The 'Challange' was the other main supermarket at manor top and I remember wishing to one day get locked in! (just wanted to eat sweets all night!) I think the bank was always there as was the newsagents by the 95 bus stop. I remember a few hairdressers and Sargeants-fruit and veg shop (and pet shop for chew sticks for our dog) I was at school with Trudy Sargeant (dgt of owners) who sadly passed away in her teens. Becketts-I can smell the chips now and the other shoe shop-want to say Aloe Vera's but was the doc martin shop! And who could forget 'penny for the guy' outside the club-made a fortune on a Sunday afternoon, we could just never make up our minds whether to 'guy it' at the club or manor hotel!! Happy days xx
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