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  1. Rough haired, tri colour small JR bitch, possibly elderly. Description: predominantly white with black band across back, black ears, black and tan face mask, black blob on tail tapering to white. No collar, tag or microchip. Dog Lost checked, posted on Facebook in Dinnington Dog Watch, Dinnington Forum, Thurcroft Forum and S26 Sales etc. Dog Warden will be contacted tomorrow. Please share if you can. Thank you.
  2. That's very odd. I edited the post last night to say he'd been found safe and well. Thank you for asking.
  3. Owner does not have internet access. Wire haired tan terrier escaped from garden in Throapham. He is microchipped, very friendly and drawn to play with other dogs. Owner is contacting dog lost and working her way through dog wardens, rescues etc. Please let me know if seen. Many thanks
  4. I would say it isn't normal and something which should be checked by a vet just to be sure. I was alarmed when Khan would come in and lay down in the coolest point he could find and pant heavily, just like a dog. The vet told me at the time that he may have a problem with his diaphragm and we monitored him for quite some time. He was 2 years old and we had just moved house so it could have been stress related, I don't know, I wouldn't like to say that it is something to be ignored in case there is some other underlying issue with your cat. It's better to have them checked and monitored for a while just to be sure. Khan btw is nearly 18 years old so don't panic unduly, just get a professional opinion and take it from there.
  5. There is one missing in your area - http://rspcasheffield.homeip.net/cgi-bin/lostandfound.py?lostorfound=lost&species=Cat I hope it's the one!
  6. At Laughton-en-le-Morthen/Slade Hooton, long haired grey cat wearing a blue collar with no tag and not microchipped.
  7. Faithypony, I'm horrified by what you posted! When there is a hint of Strangles, some people panic, quite rightly in my opinion. xxRachxx posted earlier that she lost her horse to Strangles and Ponybabes also knows of two that died - we shouldn't ever think it can't happen. We are within half a mile of the yard between Dinnington/Thurcroft where there were, allegedly, 3 confirmed cases and the yard has had the all clear for a month or so now and I don't believe there have been any other outbreaks in the immediate area. Our Yard Owner put signs on the gate which stated Strangles Awareness - No Entry and we had dip trays and hand cleansers at the gates for us liveries. None of us cared that people might think we'd had an outbreak, keeping it out was more important. We'd had someone from said yard turn up unannounced for a look around with a view to moving on! That is the type of selfish, irresponsible action which can spread the virus. Strangles is a dirty word, it shouldn't be. Only awareness, compassion and self restraint is going to contain outbreaks. Unfortunately, there are some people who don't seem to care that they might be spreading the virus as long as they're enjoying themselves. Speculation is rife about which areas have confirmed cases but it's up to all horse owners to act responsibly to prevent further spread. Ponybabes, I completely understand what you're saying but there are rumours that there IS a case in Killamarsh. I'll PM you to avoid naming the yard publicly.
  8. There are only a few classes left to sponsor so be quick if you want to add your name to the show schedule. There have been so many fantastic offers of support, all very much appreciated. Whilst it's being promoted as a dog show, let's not forget that Rain Rescue helps many animals in need and there will be a cat stall too to represent all of the cats that Rain has helped. Anything that people can offer for the cat stall would be gratefully received too. Magsie is running two stalls, bless her, a cat one and a Tombola to benefit all of the animals that will need help. Most importantly, we need to see you all there on the day. Just turn up and have fun. There will be lots going on and you won't be disappointed.
  9. I've got a cast iron constitution Evie, I'm looking forward to putting your baking skills to the test. I'm not going to be doing anything foody, I don't want anyone choking on cat hair on the day. I reserve that treat for friends and family only. If anyone wants to sponsor a class, please PM me for details of how to do so. I agree it would be good idea to list the classes still available for sponsorship. Can I nab the best veteran in memory of Sophie?
  10. They sure are. You're far more learned to understand dynamics, but it amuses me to exaggerate what goes on in their relationships. Tess might have thought, being a girly, she could get away with murder and so took the heat off Duke but she couldn't help laughing that they'd confused the stupid humans. Bubbles may think that Takara is a proper snitch! I've watched too many cats and dogs animated films haven't I?
  11. It's not clear how much of her personal circumstances you are aware of but you could also consider reporting her to the DWP and Inland Revenue as it could be a source of income that she's not declaring. Trading Standards would probably look at that though. I'm sorry to hear you've had such an awful experience. She's obviously a vile person that thinks nothing of animal welfare.
  12. I'm not convinced that was such a fair cop. Macy looked far too innocent. When I was staying with my brother and his two Airedales, I often came home from work to find some form of destruction. Tess would do the guilty thing, she'd go and sit at the top of the stairs and grin, so we presumed she was the culprit. One day, I looked in through the lounge window to see Duke happily destroying one of my brother's treasured football trophies but sure enough when I went in the house, Duke bounded over to greet me, innocence personified, whilst Tess took up position at the top of the stairs grinning. Happy days and fond memories of two fabulous characters.
  13. There is a very interesting reader comment at the end of this article. http://www.thisisnottingham.co.uk/news/Pet-cremation-manager-admits-fraud-dogs-dumped-field/article-3117477-detail/article.html
  14. It doesn't sound like her at Harthill, but I wonder whose little dog that was? I can come and help but only at night unfortunately. Hodgepig give me a bell if I can be of any use. Don't lose hope Laura92.
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