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  1. Is Dr Mackenzie off sick? Is there any news? Is there a return date?
  2. It's much easier to learn the theory for this test from the computer CD than from the book. The computer CD is an interactive quiz and it makes it really easy to remember the answers and gives you lots of practice, it's quite fun!!! The book is dry (and rather boring!!!). It's the same information. But lots lots easier to learn from the computer CD. Try it, you will be impressed! My top tip!
  3. That sounds awful. Sore throat is up there on my top ten of awful ailments!!! It is much more distressing than all sorts of other serious things in my experience. I don't know why it is so distressing, but I agree it is awful. I have not had this, but I had loads of sore throats in the past. Then didn't have them for years. Then I got a sore throat as an adult and was amazed how painful it is. Like I said much worse than all sorts of other things. I have no suggestions of what helps.
  4. Vermeer's A girl asleep, and The kitchen maid, were posed for by the model. In todays society in the UK, we would say the model gave Informed Consent to be painted (recorded) and knew the image would be made public. The people in Svensons photographs did not consent, and did not know they were being recorded, or that the recordings would be made public. Although actually, we know that at the time of Vermeer, maids and servants had few rights or autonomy, so by todays laws were unable to give Informed Consent. And it would probably be regarded as coercion. By today's standards we would not consider the kitchen maid and girl to have been harmed by the public painting. But at that time, they may have felt ashamed or humiliated. Svensons photographic subjects did not give consent in any way, and were in their private home. I wonder how having glass walls affects this legally? And if they knew they could be seen. Everyone has and needs windows though, for light, health etc. In built up areas people can at times see into other peoples private space. Is Informed Consent the deciding factor?..or, Is it clearly being a private space the deciding factor... then there is the opposite where people 'flash' people from inside their private space... and that is clearly a crime. Paparazzi do not get consent, and definitely not Informed Consent and that is not a crime. Photographers take photographs of people in public places without their knowledge or Informed Consent, and that is legal and can be Art. Is it a legal term 'where people have a reasonable expectation that they are not being observed or photographed etc'. And is this different if the recording is with paint or pencil etc? Svenson argues it is not a crime because he did not photograph their faces, therefore they cannot be identified. Perhaps that is the law. But people can identify them from his address. Is it different if the image is felt to be degrading in some way???
  5. I didn't know that oil smokes before it catches fire. I thought it would smell burnt. Close, but no cigar!!!
  6. Svenson says the photographs are of his view from his apartment window. If this is the view from his apartment, is the crime him looking? Is the crime Svenson recording his view? Is the crime publicly sharing his recording of his view. Would it be different if he had recorded it with paint rather than photography? Such as the artist Edward Hopper. Is the crime the recording and sharing of a view inside a home (private space), rather than a public space (cafe, restaurant etc). Svenson believes it is art. The Art Gallery has exhibited it. Global Art Critics have reviewed it. National Newspapers have promoted it. ---------- Post added 04-06-2013 at 18:30 ---------- I agree I think it is a violation of the right to privacy. But I want to know why the other groups mentioned above do not think this.
  7. Yes. Yet it is reviewed and promoted in mainstream newspapers globally, as an art exhibition and exhibited in a New York Art gallery...
  8. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/16/arne-svensons-neighbors-e_n_3286940.html Arne Svensons photography exhibition in New York Art Gallery. Is this Art, or is it Crime???
  9. I don't think anyone can make any sense of this. It seems beyond understanding to me. Some things can be made sense of. I cannot see how this young boys experience can be understood.
  10. Perhaps it is that this group of people have a strong preference for 'downward social comparison', that it makes them feel superior to spend their time with people with much worse lives than themselves. Perhaps it makes them feel like the 'superior race'/social group/chosen ones/special, and that their lives are great compared to the people they work with. Perhaps unconsciously they need these people to have awful lives to feel good about themselves and the phrase 'there but for the grace of god...' is felt in a literal sense, and on some level they feel special to be healthy, have relationships, jobs, salaries, and superior cognitive skills to the people they work with. If so then unconsciously/consciously they will on some level not really want their clients to 'succeed' because it will make them feel bad. As opposed to what all patients/students/clients want which is the people responsible for them to thrive on each and every step forward and success. Think of all the thin people who like to have a fat friend to make themselves feel attractive...
  11. This makes me feel sad. Teenage Cancer Trust is excellent and provides excellent care for teenagers and young adults. It makes me sad, because teenagers and young adults with other equally serious illnesses get nothing like this level of care, help and support. TCT are an example to all. If only people with other serious illness also got this : (
  12. Drink Tea. Have a bath. Phone someone nice. Eat chocolate biscuits. In any order. Put this checklist by your bed. ---------- Post added 03-06-2013 at 13:04 ---------- Get dressed. This is remarkably helpful after a nightmare!!! If it is day light leave the house to a place with plenty of people, preferably nice ones. And drink more tea.
  13. 'He who pays the piper calls the tune'!!! ---------- Post added 03-06-2013 at 12:55 ---------- It depends on how much you 'need' the big house, big car, holidays, etc to what you are prepared to do for it!!! Having children shifts your view on this. Wanting things for your children affects your view on what you will tolerate for money. Intrinsic motivation is a different thing. If your work is intrinsically motivating, that must be a good thing. I wonder how many people have that. Some people will tolerate an awful lot of 'pain' for a big salary. ---------- Post added 03-06-2013 at 12:58 ---------- And then there is the quest for POWER and CONTROL. For being the 'BIG MAN', who RULES THE WORLD.
  14. Drink tea. Have you not seen Coronation Street and Eastenders??? Tea is the answer to everything.
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