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  1. Today's friendly scunthorpe 0 owls 1 helan ( 41 mins)
  2. You might be right in these days of recycling etc,read it on your phone if you want,but you can't beat the good old days. Watching wednesday all over the country,stopping off for a few beers,getting the local paper (green or pink wherever you were) to find out how the others had gone on was a religion.
  3. All of them,it is the managers job to do this.We once had a call reporting stolen royal mail uniform dumped in a field,it turned out it had been blown off the washing line from a nearby house at which a postman lived. It is the manager's duty to look at the situation,then decided what action needs to be taken if any.
  4. False facia ? i use this machine often and it still has the same dent and scratched screen.No -one was near me and i covered up the keys. Anyway all money has been refunded and new card is on it's way,Whichever way they got my money is the banks problem.
  5. The whole link system was hacked according to lloydstsb.
  6. :loopy:Of course i covered the keypad and we don't have any inside.
  7. That was the advice given to me from the lloydstsb fraud team.He said if possible use your own bank machine it's safer.
  8. Yes they are sending me a new card as well.As i said use your own banking machine not a link one.To be honest never had a problem before, but hey that's technology for you.
  9. Beware,just checked my bank account and i have been cleaned out.I took some cash out out the day i went on holiday and came back to find it overdrawn. Luckily the bank has sorted the situation out,the problem was using link machines as they have been hacked.The bank say's only use the bank that you are with for cash withdrawals.The criminals took my limit out everyday till it was empty and did not even have to use a card.The guy on the phone said sheffield is rife at the moment and is a growing concern.This happened at morrisons ecclesfield but apparently supermarket cash points are the most vulnerable. So I thought it a good idea for you to be aware even though i know it been going on for quite a bit .
  10. Try here http://www.coins-of-the-uk.co.uk/values/
  11. That will be delivered by the manager.At the same time he will evaluate the situation and proceed with his opinion as to see if it is safe to deliver to the said or surrounding properties. ---------- Post added 12-06-2013 at 21:56 ---------- Not a very good post from an admin,quite a number of factors are involved. Adjoining properties may have broken fences,holes in hedges,no gates etc. This means the dog could easily come on to more than one garden.The properties across or further down/up the road may not cause a threat to anyone.Royal mail HAS to deliver and h&s is a big issue as with any other company.
  12. Guy Martins team mate has been killed today in practice.R.I.P
  13. Looks like it Secret love is on you tube if you never got a copy,with a bit of banter at the beginning.
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