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  1. Mount Pleasant Park,Abbeydale road,the basketball courts.
  2. i do like that animation,must've taken so long to do!
  3. because any information given away has the potential to come back and bite me in the arse.
  4. how many times do i have to say that no one writes THC anymore?!?We've moved on,and trust me its for the better,im not posting anything up that's going to reveal what i write,im not stupid.
  5. maybe because you don't know what i write and your not going to?
  6. I have come up with original idea's before aswell mate.It's not just banksy.
  7. Of course i can do stencils jezzy.thats what i was getting at,there to easy.Take a look at the mount pleasant park basketball courts to check out some good graffiti.And when it comes to graffiti,it really is easy to make a stencil,and really hard to paint a piece that looks good.
  8. I've tried explaining it and you just don't seem to be able to comprehend what I'm on about.
  9. Being prime minister is a little different than cutting a bit of card.. Sorry to disappoint but there won't be a book. People always go on about how they like banksy's work,even the illegal stuff,but you can't have double standards,you either like illegal graffiti or you don't,simple as.Cant condone one and slate another.
  10. Have you ever seen my work?if not i doubt you can comment on how artistic or skillfull it is.His work is in no way more advanced than mine,but for some reason you people think that,strange. Your still missing my point ****!It is hypocritical to say its alright a banksy stencil being there and not just a tag.And noone can deny that. Any of me or my friends could produce a stencil,probably one with more 'wit' or 'meaning' than any of banksys,we choose to not to because its the easy way out.
  11. No one answered the fact the glorifying banksy's illegal work and slating your average tagger is complete hypocrisy. I hear what your saying **** but to come up with the kind of letter-forms some writers can produce in my opinion takes alot more creativity than coming up with an idea for a stencil.
  12. check http://www.yorkshirejunkies.co.uk for yorkshires finest writers
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