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  1. Hi guys I'm looking for A child minder for dec 22nd in the evening for a two year old and a six year old ! I will be able to put the kids to bed by myslef just need someone to watch them whilst we are out ? Pm me or get intouch via nursebrckly@aol.com must have all checks done please or have very good refs.
  2. Hiya guys I'm amber same situation looking to make friends in sheffield its hard to meet people , but I think this is the way fwd so if you guys are up for it let's hook up for a drink and food I'm free this wed short notice ii know sorry but take a chance hey ! So if your serious and want to meet up either in box me or drop me a text 07825130644 ps I'm 29 and into most things will try anything once so here goes ! I look fwd to hearing from you guys, Rob, Beth, irish lol xx Amber
  3. Hi guys! I know its a long shot but I'm thinking of visiting ireland and enjoying the scenary in places like kerry, dingle, galway ,killarney the little quaint villages can some one please point me in the right direction and as cost effective as possible! I fell in love with Ire after watching ps I love you, the pubs , the music,and the gorgeous scenary! If you know cheap cottages and best way to get around please drop me a line. Thanks in advance !!
  4. Hi guys I am a 29 year old female looking to make new like minded friends! I love cooking, cinema,road trips , swimming, salsa, boxing, walking,running,and the gym. So if you are also looking for new friends for nights out and anything you would like to try this year and build great friendships then feel free to drop me a line!
  5. Hi I've tried to private message you but no luck I'd be interested in. Joining you for dance , I've done a bit of salsa but would love to learn the others! If you are still interested drop me a pm and we can swap details ! Sppeak soon.
  6. Hi guys goodmorning ! Does anyone know where to get a great big juicy steak ,cost not an issue? Many thanks !
  7. Goodmorning guys ! Does anyone know what the legal hours are to carry construction work in residential areas? Surely it cant be right that on a Weekday they start work at 7am and on a weekend to start work at 6am ... Does anyone know what the ruling on these working hours are and whom to complain to about the noise ?
  8. Hi i would l would be interested in the don valley group
  9. thanks nikki will sort something out . its the least we can do after shes got dumped a week before weve only just managed to get her to go 1
  10. we have but they had already booked and are full x
  11. oh thanks , my niece got abandoned last minute boy meets girl sort of thing ! fingers crossed hey
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