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  1. mines smokey83 if any1 wants to have a go on codmw2 spec ops co op.not been on it yet on co op.
  2. i had the same problem.if you unplug your xbox while the game is on main menu screen wait 60 sec then plug xbox back in and load game up this should solve the problem.it did for me anyways.
  3. no sign of woodhead being closed:confused:
  4. so is the woodhead open?? thanks in advance
  5. can i get the url for hallam fm,for fstream.and galaxy.i know galaxy have a app but id rather have them all in one app.. thanks in advance
  6. just got a new iphone,just wondered what insurance i should get.o2 offered me it but i heard they can be a rip off.from experience what does any1 suggest. cheers..
  7. what apps did you get out off intrest.
  8. thanks for the info . ive got the mms working now,o2 hadnt set it up straight away.but now soon as i get one,i can see it without going online. that pocket money app seems hard to use(got the free version first),is the paid for version better.just wanna put in my monthly income then my monthly bills,then my spending each day.so that i can keep track of what money is getting spent each month. ive got that ronnie o sullivan snooker and that is amazing. not worked out how to get radio 1 yet though,looked through some apps and they havent really got any good ones. any other day to day useful apps and game apps suggestions would be great.
  9. what apps to get?i want a budget app,one to listern to radio,and any other cool ones. and a question if any one could help,how do you organise what icons are on the display(at min ive got stocks and shares and other apps im not bothered about.they was on itwhen i switched it on.)also is there an some way of viewing picture messages sent to me without having to go on o2 website? thanks in advance for any help;)
  10. so can you listern to radio on iphone.im thinking of getting one ,but only if i can get radio.
  11. does anyone need picking up in morning.ive got plenty of room...
  12. lol.just wanted people to give me opinons on where they have been for some. maybe i shouldnt have asked.
  13. wheres the best place any one has been to for tyres.i need some(low profile).wanting good service and good price.
  14. where abouts is cross pool.im in s5,dont mind takin detour though.
  15. lol.**** thought 10th was sunday.:loopy:right ill get back to ya about it.should still be able to make it.
  16. not got a clue.:hihi:just about know how to log onto forum.
  17. hi,paul said i could tag along on sunday.im able to give a lift to any one that needs it.
  18. any chance of a pic nataliie.just being nosey.
  19. is this just open to badminton club??im guessing so but thought id ask.
  20. xbox 360 and i got it from tesco.asda and morrisons are doing offer aswell till sunday.
  21. just bought it (£25 bargin),what do you think better than last 1 or just the same?i think better.
  22. were like the devil and angle on your shoulders.lol i guess im the
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