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  1. There’s not much to argue over as far as I can see. Wednesday have more than bent the rules, they’ve sold the stadium for an inflated fee where no money has actually been moved anywhere, set up paper companies where the sole owner of Wednesday is the only one listed which now apparently ‘own’ Hillsborough and then went back in time to include the sale in the seasons before accounts. On top of fake companies ‘sponsoring’ them I don’t see how any Wednesday fan can take exception to being called cheats. They know they are but because it’s their club they’ll try to defend the indefensible. Dragging United’s accounts into it is a non starter btw. It was never an issue that money couldn’t be found within the rules to pay our way, more the two owners being at loggerheads. We got promoted without cheating at others expense and now have the reward of Premier League millions.
  2. Two direct teams? Don’t know enough about Ipswich to comment but one thing United definitely ain’t is direct
  3. Deary me. Talk about spitting the dummy out. It’s a light hearted post making a valid point. Someone needs to get over it and lighten up.
  4. Have to agree with you tbh. Don't like him and don't like the way money has taken over the game. But he is very good at bringing money in and selling a product which is his job. The way that money has been used by the top clubs isn't his fault, that's down to the clubs. All I'm saying is when taking a look at the clubs in the Championship it's a very attractive league to the outside world. It just needs someone to market it and the financial gap between the two leagues could be narrowed a bit.
  5. I'm sure when the Premier League was set up the idea was to see the bigger clubs with tradition fighting it out to make it the most attractive league in the world. Now arguably apart from the obvious such as Man U, Liverpool etc most of the bigger clubs are in the Championship! Literally half the clubs in the Premier League you wouldn't bother opening your bedroom curtains to watch. Spin it all they like but they can't have wanted to see the Premier populated by the likes of Bournemouth, Watford, Swansea and Palace. The Championship should do more to sell itself. It's a fantastic league with some of English footballs biggest names in it. What we need is someone at the top like Scudamore at the Premier to do for us what he's done for them. Won't do it with Sky though, they're only interested in the Premier. It's changing though, Amazon, Apple and others are coming onto the scene.
  6. Upper tier Lane end is probably best. Not too rowdy and best view in ground. If it's real peace and quiet you're after though you'll be better off at hiilsborough. Probably be able to take a nap there without being disturbed too much.
  7. You've contradicted yourself a bit there. Leeds / Newcastle have undivided support but could hardly be called footballing powerhouses so why would you think a one club Sheffield would be competing with Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal?
  8. Always brings a wry smile to my face when that lot brings this up, gets bigger every single year. To know what it must mean to them to have soundly beaten one of the worst teams in our history, to still be harping on about it 35 years later and counting... Well let's just say the other way around and we'd have forgotten about it within a couple of years. The day you see United celebrating a big victory over that lot with anniversary dinners and walls of fame will be the day I realise just how small time we've become..
  9. Well if we're going to be accurate it's 18 times up till the end of last season. But hey, no harm in a little adjustment when it suits eh?
  10. Yes it has dropped from the Premiership season as only to be expected. But It's massively increased from the few seasons before that which can't be denied. But we've just been relegated to the 3rd tier with an average attendance of over 20'000. That wouldn't have happened not so long ago. I'm at work and haven't the time to look at the figures and go into detail but I stand by what I said. United's core support has increased, Wednesday's has decreased. Even you don't seem to argue that your core support has decreased over recent seasons. Easy to lose, difficult to get back.
  11. I think what most Wednesdayites don't seem to get is that what the historical figures say is irrelevant. Imo and most Blades I think, United's support has caught up and overtaken that of Wednesday. What Wednesday fans did in the 50's, 60's, 70's etc has no relevance to today. United's core support has increased, of that there is no doubt. At the same time Wednesday's has decreased. This isn't an opinion, the figures actually back it up, it's fact. The question is, will Wednesday's support ever return to what it was, and will United hold onto their newer support ?
  12. On the Football League show the other night they did a piece about how they are changing the rules restricting the distance Premier League clubs can sign prospects from, having certain criteria for academies and the amount of compensation they have to pay. I can't remember the exact details but suffice to say they're trying to screw the smaller clubs over and if they get their way it will have serious repercussions for all our local clubs.
  13. £25m?????....Bloody 'ell that's an impressive figure! Any chance telling us where you've got that figure from or who's going to pay it?
  14. I'm amazed we keep hearing the same old scaremongering from ill-informed Owls about United's debt. Kevin McCabe has stated publicly that he has all but written monies owed to him by United unless an "Abramovich type figure" comes along in which case then of course he'd like his money back. Kevin McCabe has also stated publicly that he has not taken one penny back from United, in interest payments or actual repayments. The majority of our debt is against the hotel, which pays for itself through the lease with Copthorne and other similar revenue creating assets such as the Blades Enterprise Centre. The difference between the two clubs is massive, we have revenue creating assets to which we have invested significant amounts of money, and Wednesday have nothing but the value of the stadium which is on a flood plain and a training ground that can't be sold.
  15. Spot on and something I've asked on Bladesmad a while ago. He's never had the money and had no realistic plan of funding any redevelopment of Hillsborough. One thing I read time and time again on Owlstalk and other forums is how they are awaiting grants to develop their ground despite a pre-requisite of the bid being that any developments required would be self funded. Can any Owls fan provide a link from the WC team or government that says grants would be given, not just Strafford saying he was hopefull of getting a grant from the education dept. to build a classroom under one of the stands?
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