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  1. Unsure how old you are jaffa1 but I am 40 and we had teacher training days back when I was at school so they are hardly a new thing and do you think it's just forge that have them
  2. its a whole new floor of shops being developed planning to be open next year
  3. any recommendations for carpet cleaning companys?
  4. does anyone know what was happening in park this evening...few police cars there and an ambulance and what appeared to be lots of shouting going on
  5. google thundershirt, we have used that on our scaredy lurcher for last couple of years and it improved things
  6. well I cant make 'head nor tail' of most of whats being claimed here, but if the dog is truly being well looked after I hope u get it home but I am very pleased the dog warden/kennels are taking a keen intrest in this dogs welfare
  7. the smell is strong in Hillsboro this morning
  8. drove past rivelin about half hour ago and they didn't look open
  9. I agree this school has big problems but I think even if it does improve it wont change all your pessimistic views. the new head hasn't even started yet and your all grumbling about him
  10. can anyone recommend a decent reasonable priced hairdresser in the s6 area please
  11. thanks for all the replys, don't think we going to introduce another, will see how she gets on, we (my self, partner and daughter)are all making more effort to talk to her and handle her. cant bear to think of her being sad. funny how even the little critters find away into your heart
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